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  1. I prefer the Run Group selection vs forcing cars to run in the same group by class.    This has been a big debate on here previously and Run Group Preference was the direction selected as drivers will just select a different class to get the group they want and that creates additional work to run the events.

    Stuff sells out quickly these days, not just AZ Solo.

  2. On 7/21/2021 at 9:40 AM, smeyers said:

    If you can find a Discount Tire with a sharp manager who has consistent staff that stay long term, and you develop a relationship with ONE specific technician who knows what he's doing, yes, I've used them before. But I could not find a location with all of the above. The good guys kept leaving. And know this, not every installer knows how to use that equipment properly.

    I am very careful with who touches my equipment. I have had wheels marked, as well as balanced incorrectly. Cruz essentially makes no mistakes, has been there a long time, and absolutely knows what he's doing. That's my reason for going back to him. Oh yeah, that SCCA Discount is nice too.👍

    I agree with Scott on this.   Cruz is not close but he does excellent work and doesn't scratch my wheels.   For the Falkens on my S2000 I didn't feel like making the trip to north Phoenix and ended up with 2 of my wheels (PF01s) scratched.

  3. The courses were very large and challenging - excellent courses.   If anyone is on the fence, Tours generally have some of the best courses that you can experience.

    One thing to note, pretty much all street tires car were on Yokohama A052s.   The only exception was DS which maybe had some leftover RE71s.   So, go buy some A052s if you want to compete at a National event or you can drive like Brian.

  4. I use the Longacre toe plates and the Longacre camber/caster guage.     I've had them for 10+ years so not sure if the model numbers are the same.

    I also have a laser pointer that I use in addition to the toe plates for setting rear toe with relation to the front of the car.

  5. I don't know what you drive, but I've heard that the A052s put down power better so if you have a high HP car and care about winning get A052s.    If you are cheap like me and just want to have fun on a decent tire get the RT660s like I have on my S2000.

  6. 8 hours ago, SSLance said:

    Nice run, bummer about the cones at the finish.  Interesting that you went left first on optional slalom.  Did you try both ways?  

    I lost a half second on entry to showcase sweeper when I went left first and didn't gain anything on entry, but I was also struggling to turn right all day so was tip toeing on entry to optional slalom instead of picking up time there.





    I went left each time, didn't try going to the right and really focused on trying to get to that first slalom cone as fast as I could.   Even though the exit was more pinched, it didn't feel that tight in my car.

  7. 5 hours ago, loudes13 said:

    I struggled with fuel starvation on four of my runs. That 200+ degree showcase turn caught up to me when we juked back to right. After my 3rd run I put 2 gallons in and it still did it. I put 6 gallons in after the 4th run and that solved it. I have no idea how much fuel I should run in my s2k but 1/4 tank is too low it appears. 

    Here are my pics:



    I didn't have fuel starvation, but I started the day with a full tank when I left my house 45 miles away.    I normally target a half tank or more at the start of the event.

    However, today was the first time I experienced oil getting sucked back into the intake as I would say the amount time on long sweepers was the most I've experienced.   I'll be adding a catch can soon.

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