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Advice on prep for probable rain day event...


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So the chance for seeing moisture on both Sunday & Monday looks pretty high. As a newbie... what would be an intelligent approach to prepping for this, both on the track & work assignments? I take it that working the course will require some rain gear and I assume no umbrellas out on the skid pad. 

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I like to wear my Tilley hat and a poncho and some shoes that can get wet while working a wet event.  It's handy to have a dry pair of shoes and socks with you as well as some dry towels for when you get out of any weather.  Typically umbrellas are not allowed out on course at any time as you need to be able to move quick and we can't have an unattended umbrellas blowing across the course during a run.

Regarding car prep, make sure your wipers are in good shape and that your defroster works.  Good thing about the defroster is it also activates the AC compressor which takes power away which can be a good thing in the wet.


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