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Classic Car Insurance


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Hey, all you CAM drivers.... what insurance company do you use and/or recommend for a classic car (anything built before 2000).

I recently got a rude awakening from State Farm, which I have been with and satisfied for over 35 years.  Here is the subtle problem.  I have a 1965 Mustang which had a bad encounter with some wild dogs on a desert highway.  Really ugly result as seen in the photo.  I have State Farm "classic car" insurance on it with a $500 deductible.

State Farm wants you to choose a body shop from their list of "network" shops.   These shops charge about $65-$75/hour for labor.  But here's the rub... they will not work on any vehicles built before 2000.  One suggested USA Collision as a good shop that works on classic cars.  They charge $125/hr.  Calling two other shops that work on classic cars charge anywhere from $120-$150/hr for labor.  State Farm claims that is unreasonable and they will not pay the extra cost.  It's sort of a restraint of trade racket..... us our shops or we won't pay extra... but our shops will not work on your old car.  Total BS.

I finally got the Mustang repaired and the total cost ended up at slightly over $10k, but State Farm claims that only $5400 is reasonable.  Screw the concept of a deductible.  So, I'm looking to move the 9 cars I own (which are built before 2000) to somebody else who is honest about what it costs to repair a pre-2000 car.  USA Collision suggested Hagerty Insurance and told me that they have never questioned what they turn in as the total cost to repair.

What's your guy's thoughts on this.


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I have Grundy for my collectibles. Very reasonable with agreed value and no mileage restrictions. I've never had to make a claim but my Father had to get a flatbed ride for his hobby car. They reimbursed him with no drama or stress. I have heard good things about Haggerty also. Glad you got your Mustang repaired. I nearly plowed into a few Javelinas one evening in my '71 Olds. Made me realize it's time for a brake upgrade!

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Myself and a LOT of my friends use Alex Larue for our classic car coverage.

He is a classic car guy that understands us and how we use our cars.  

He's had me with Hagerty, Grundy and currently American Modern.  

Alex LaRue

LaRue Insurance Inc.

LaRue Classic Insurance

Member of LaRue – Carey Insurance Group LLC

(270) 358-3101  or   (800) 303-3518

P O Box 119

201 S Lincoln Blvd.                                                                                 

Hodgenville, KY  42748 

Alex Larue <alex@laruecareyinsurance.com>  


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