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  1. As you know I am new to you guys. Are spectators allowed at your events? I notice PCA doesnt allow them and their 11/21 AMP event but believe that is due to COVID restrictions. thanks
  2. Thank you. I look forwaed to meeting you and the other members and running wiht you in the future.
  3. My son and I will be cancelling our participation this weekend. Today and this week as been bad to us. I learned this morning that my Mother in law in PA passed away and the funeral is in Pa Monday. I myself am sitting in a hospital bed waiting to see what the doctors will do tomorrow as a result of a medical issue that surfaced today. and much further down the issue line. I broke my C8 the other day and chevy has it, not sure where it stands and doubt it will be done before the weekend. SOOOO, I will cancel my reservation tonight. If I read correctly there are no refunds just an IOU for a future event. THats fine by me, but if not, no big deal. I really have no option. Take Care I will get to race with you guys one of these days!
  4. Yes - I saw the not registered on my smart phone - got home last not and signed on PC and it showed me registered. (I may have screwed up my id when using my club fingers on the phone) My son has created an account last night and is gonna register right now. Putting my 71 Vet in his garage. Reading up last night that would be CAM - S, Correct? And my car 2020 Corvette, would be SS, correct? I am coming in Friday night with my class C motorhome. Cant wait to meet you guys and see how my car does on an Autocross. Did a practice Autocross with it and really need to be past the Apex before you can hit the throtte, bad understeer in tight corners under throttle. THANKs for the advice and help
  5. I signed up for the event last night at 7 when it first opened. $70 was charged to my PayPal account. Went in today to sign up my son, it says I am not registered! Please help me here.
  6. What about the C3? and if I register and fail the test, is the money refunded?
  7. Oh yeah, will my 2020 corvette need a noise test? is so , that is in the same boat, session d only open one but a+b are only ones with testing
  8. I moved here from PA and want to start autocrossing with you. I was previously and SCCA member but stopped several years ago. I have a 2020 C8 corvette and want to register for next weeks even but I also have a 1971 Corvette I autocrossed in PA and Ct with side pipes. I recently purchased the quiet mufflers for it but looking to day at registration only the morning groups (A+B) will have soiund testing but both them are full. Is there anyway to bring the corvette early and get it sound tested even though it can only be registered in D? I have 2 sons who would drive that car. Please let me know. thanks
  9. 2020 Corvette mid engine Z51 no mods
  10. Anybody know what class I should be in? Cant complete the form with out picking one
  11. Darn, was gonna join you guys the other day and register but decided to wait to meet you all this weekend, see how you run and if I was a fit. Didnt even think of covid (where have I been - right?) Anyway, I think Border and PCA have runs next weekend - will try to register for one of them. A lot of my kids (im 68 and they are in their 40s) friends run HPDE and they are after me to do that. I took the Ron Fellows driving school and I have to admit it was fun - but kinda scary if I am using my own car. Anyway, thanks for the response. Looks like your next even is Oct 17?
  12. No, altho I live in Ct 20 years ago I am not Mark. First name is John and for us old guys thats as common as popcorn at a movie theater!
  13. I, I am recent to area but have autocrossed back east a long time ago. Can I run tomorrow? Is there some place I can see the specifics for the day and schedule? Reg/tech/ walkthrough/first car off etc?
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