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  1. You should be able to leave the cars and trailers overnight as this is what happened at the last two day event.
  2. Hi Scott, You might have to call membership at scca and ask. I have not seen that addressed before. If you uploaded two pictures to your account maybe they will figure out whom is whom and send you both cards.
  3. I have submitted the annual waiver paper work form the December event to Nationals on Sunday this week. While I have not gotten a card yet i do see the annual waiver has been applied to a few accounts. I would like to make sure everyone who filled it out has the annual wavier on their account. If you go to my.scca.com you should see the Annual waiver listed there. If you filled out the paper work and handed it to me at the event, please check the website and let me know if your annual waiver is there or not.
  4. We have our meeting tonight to discuss our calendar for this year. We have gotten approval on our dates and will get them published out this week after our meeting tonight.
  5. Results have been posted for Sunday. If there are any corrections please let us know.
  6. We are excited to announce our next event on September 27 at the Musselman Honda Circuit. Due to COVID-19 we have not run an event since March both from a safety perspective and the Marana Airport site has been turned into a commercial airplane parking lot. We are now ready to run a COVID-19 safe event with appropriate precautions and cooperation from all of us. There are new rules for this site that also include the expectations for operating with COVID-19. The updated event information will be posted on our site shortly. Registration will be at AZBR Event Registration and participation will
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