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  1. however I would say the 1:1 requirement probably has some gray area? strictly speaking a new Subaru impreza BARELY qualifies.
  2. Hi All, Is a new Subaru Crosstrek ok to bring out to Autocross?
  3. What tires are people running competitively in the "Street" classes these days? It's been so long for me at Autox those used to be the "Stock" classes. On the 2019 Nationals results I see Bridgestone and Yokohama listed a lot. Thanks
  4. Hi All, It's been 15 years since I've done Autocross but I'm thinking about coming out in the near future. I had a question about the facilities at AMP. The main one being does the site have full restroom facilities (i.e. a place to wash hands and something other than a port-a-potty)? Also if I'm a full novice I was hoping to come and watch a race first to see how it works before entering but the COVID restrictions forbit it. Is it ok for complete novices to enter? I can't remember anything about how it works from the past. Thank you, MF
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