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  1. If I've missed this elsewhere in the forum, my apologies. Are we still not allowing under age riders at the autocross? Are we limiting attendees like last year. Also, what is the mask situation while attending an autocross? Thanks!
  2. I assume there were no vacancies left available. Unfortunately I tried to sign up late and I'm on standby. Just wanted to be sure. Let me know. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Scott. Oddly enough I bought that exact helmet. I paid a a little less but I'm happy. See you Sunday!
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. Racer726, those sizes would be too small for my melon head. I went ahead recently and just ordered an SA2105 for a good price in size XL.
  5. Thank you Dave. What a PITA for you on a Friday night.
  6. so I just tried to register and it says it is closed until 3am. Is the event full already?
  7. thanks Dave. It sounds like I should be good with this helmet purchase for the next ten years then right?
  8. Question for those that know. Is the Snell M2020D a permissable standard for the SCCA for autocrossing. I found a helmet for a good price but want to be sure it will be accepted. Thank you!
  9. I finally got it to text me. All done.
  10. Thank you very much Dave. More than I want to spend but I haven't bought a helmet in almost 20 years so I probably haven't realized the change in price over the years. It should last me a number of years as well. Much appreciate the advice!
  11. Does anyone have a Snell 2015 helmet of any kind that I can buy or borrow? It has proven damn near impossible to find a Snell 2015 helmet online without spending $300 or more and most searche systems on sites like Amazon do not seem to sort or recognize Snell. I only get DOT certified helmets.
  12. I can't get the speedwaiver to send me a message either. I input my contact info and number and never receive any notification. What am I supposed to do?
  13. Thanks Dave. If the SCCA doesn't get their act together before the 20th, does anyone have any recommendation on where I can get at least a Snell 2015 helmet for less than $100? I see some are DOT approved when I'm looking online but they rarely tell me what the Snell rating is. Hell, I don't even know what a Snell rating is!
  14. Hey Dave, thanks for reposting this on the new forums. It looks great! We've finally gotten out of the 1990s! I'm eager to take advantage of that SCCA group buy on helmets since I don't own one. I trust you'll post when it opens. If not, does anyone have a good recommendation where I can pick up a decent used helmet? I'm not looking to spend more than $100. Thanks!
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