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  1. SOLD!!! Thanks for looking!
  2. As this is fairly local to me, I stopped by earlier and had a discussion with the General Manager. He was interested in hosting autocross events. I told him I would foward his info to the clubs (PHX and TUC) site coordinator and they could discuss options. Nice guy, seemed very receptive to opening up his facility. Whoever is in charge of site accusition can contact me via PM, text, or email. six51-23eight-9threeone7 mayakich at gmail
  3. Thanks Stephen! They're just what I was looking for!
  4. Thought I'd see if anyone had some rims they were willing to part with, would prefer to spend less money than more!
  5. Looking for a set of lightweight 15 x 7.5 rims for Honda fitment. Let me know what you've got! Mark Mayakich@gmail.com Six 5 1 - 2 3 eight - Nine 3 1 seven
  6. BFG RE71R's, 245/40/19, date code is 4719. They were on my Infiniti G35 and have about 1500 street miles and around 30 autocross runs. $100 for the four of them. I'm not on the forum often, you can text or email me. Mark Yakich six five 1-23 eight-nine 31 seven mayakich@gmail.com
  7. Tire delivery solved! Thanks for the offers!
  8. Bringing this back up. Ken won't be going to Lincoln so I'm back in the market for tire transportation. I have 4 BFG Rivals 245/40/15 tires (unmounted) that need to get to Lincoln. Anybody going to Spring Nats with room? I can drop them off anytime. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I'm actually looking on sending tires up from here to Lincoln. There are 4 tires, size 245x15. Not sure if that would still work for you or not.
  10. Looking for transportation of 4 tires up to Lincoln. Anybody going with room?
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