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  1. Can you please add a column for “registration opens at X:XX on YY/ZZ”? I struggle finding time to get registered before events are full. Thanks very much for doing this, Scott.
  2. I am in search of advice from the experienced haulers. 2200 pound Miata, fairly low and fairly wide. I’m not in a hurry. I’d like to buy the right trailer the first time. I’ve owned a few big, heavy steel or wood decked trailers. I also towed my STi in STU trim for about a year using a wonderful Trailex aluminum trailer. I have been tempted by the single axle tilt bed, but I understand the argument against losing a trailer at highway speed. I don’t have $7000 to spend on an aluminum tilt bed. Help, suggestions, etc appreciated.
  3. Scott Meters added these parts and service before I bought the car: Ground Control camber plates Cork Sport short ram intake Complete clutch kit, flywheel, trans mount, right CV, synthetic gear oil in transmission Hawk HPS street brake pads AC compressor, belt, and service Fuel pump and seal Springs, sway bars, and adjustable shocks Scott may be able to describe shocks, bars, and springs - I don’t have these receipts
  4. 111,500 miles. 5 spd, A/C, cruise, power windows, sunroof. Body damage on driver’s door, driver’s side rear door, fender. Runs excellent, mechanically excellent. New street tires, 215/16 on stock rims. 2nd set of STS legal 16” rims included with mostly worn RE-71R. Oil changed every 3,000 since I bought it at 103k. Five extra factory oil filters included. I drive it every day Title is clean despite the damage to doors $2500 wiggy greacen
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