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There was some confusion last event about run/work. Sorry if this hasn't been communicated very well - there will be some website updates coming to make this clearer, but I also want to take a moment to set the expectations here.

Pre-covid, with no restrictions on entry count, we were reliably stuffing 45-50 cars per run group, across four run groups. People could do their competition runs in A, B, or C, and then do their time only (TO) runs at some point after that.

With the 50 person entry limit, it's not feasible to pull that off operationally. Some heats would just not have enough workers.

As long as we have this entry limit, you need to think of our events as having just two run groups: A and C. One run group consists of half of the day's entrants doing their competition runs, plus those who have also bought TO runs.

So whether you are doing TOs or not, you will need to work a full run group. With the reduced run group size, it's still the same amount of time as when there are 45-50 people per run group (25 comp entries + 20 TO entries = 45 total entries...).

Note that you may still see B and D run groups, but you need to understand that they exist only for timing/scoring purposes. Functionally there are only two run groups and you need to work one of them in its entirety.

Let me know if there are any questions.

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