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Run/Work for Dec 19 Event


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Hi guys! Im excited for another great even with you all! Please remember no spectators, so if you aren't on the list please do not show up. Also bring your own water and snacks as none will be provided. Thanks

Competition Groups - Run A
Run Number Driver Work Position Checked in?
A1 Faith Hare Admin  
A2 Shawn Warner Admin  
A3 Chris Steele Admin  
A4 Brian Ridenour Course  
A5 James Wolter Course  
A6 Jeremiah Meyers Course  
A7 Gavin Miller Course  
A8 Jared Tyburec Grid  
A9 Janet Debelak Tyburec Course  
A10 Schad Natay Course  
A11 Samuel Glantz Timing  
A12 Jonathan Herold Waiver  
A13 Nick Steffes Course  
A14 Scott Urich Starter  
A15 Jeffery Gehring Grid  
A16 Richard Kohn Admin  
A17 Keith Begley Observer  
A18 Morgan Lee Grid  
A19 Christopher Hamilton Course  
A20 Gabriel Lopez Course  
A21 Alex Pankau Timing  
A22 Tim Barron Course  
A23 Scott Phillips Announcer  
A24 Wyatt Watson Course  
A25 Christopher Mayfield Course  
A26 Chris Kirkland Observer  
A27 Chris Shaull Observer  
A28 Brian Jackson    
A29 Thomas Guerra    
A30 Tim Estes    
Competition Groups - Run B
Run Number Driver Work Position Checked in?
B1 Todd Hare Admin  
B2 Craig Borger Admin  
B3 Mathew Leon Admin  
B4 Michael Hitt Starter  
B5 Chris Niemeyer Course  
B6 Jorge Rios Course  
B7 Ric Grassmick Observer  
B8 Scott Jones Course  
B9 Scott Meyers Grid  
B10 Ramsey Crenshaw Announcer  
B11 Andy Pearlman Course  
B12 Seancarlo Newman Timing  
B13 Mike Rogers Observer  
B14 Amanda Hitt Course  
B15 Marchell Fletcher Course  
B16 James Frink Observer  
B17 Nathan Zerkle Course  
B18 Jeff Wong Course  
B19 Joe Banno Course  
B20 Dustin Schertz Course  
B21 Leeann Yacuel Course  
B22 Steven Dejesus Admin  
B23 Sean Fowler Observer  
B24 Kevin Raub Course  
B25 Francis Miller Course  
B26 Juan Leal Jr Course  
B27 Keith Corrigan Course  
B28 Nicole Wong Timing  
B29 Travis Williams Waiver  
B30 Josh Johnston Admin  
Competition Groups - Run C
Run Number Driver Work Position Checked in?
C1 Lance Hamilton Admin  
C2 Jay Balducci Observer  
C3 Dan Hawrylkiw Admin  
C4 Kevin Venisnik Admin  
C5 Tim Bergstrom Admin  
C6 Kim Kemper Admin  
C7 Larry John Timing  
C8 Greg Klick Observer  
C9 William Pribil Observer  
C10 Brian Miller Admin  
C11 Eric Olsen Course  
C12 Dave Young Waiver  
C13 Sean Bubeck Grid  
C14 Terry Neyman Course  
C15 Jason Bucki Timing  
C16 Dave Hurt Admin  
C17 Dane Traines Course  
C18 Ron Bistrais Starter  
C19 Dean Rambow Course  
C20 Dave Bahl Course  
C21 John Fabela Course  
C22 Charles Frumerie Course  
C23 Nick Sloan Admin  
C24 Sandra Adams Course  
C25 David Koehler Course  
C26 Dawson Moreau Course  
C27 Steve Ashcraft Announcer  
C28 Brad Owen Course  
C29 David Harsay Course  
C30 Ken Orgeron    
Competition Groups - Run D
Run Number Driver Work Position Checked in?
D1 Bruce Hanson Admin  
D2 Chris Groppi Admin  
D3 Blayne Rios Course  
D4 Adam Watkins Course  
D5 Michael Terrey Observer  
D6 Jennifer Evans Course  
D7 Tyler Talcott Course  
D8 Debra Eymann Timing  
D9 Jim Enriquez Grid  
D10 Jeff D Woodbury Course  
D11 Martin Brennan Course  
D12 Julie A Woodbury Course  
D13 Ryan Harwell Course  
D14 Matthew Underhill Timing  
D15 Dennis Riehle Admin  
D16 Ryan Bernholtz Course  
D17 Kei Josephson Course  
D18 Carl Wagers Course  
D19 Tom Boardman Course  
D20 Steve Eymann Observer  
D21 Jim Rohn Course  
D22 Jon Roesch Observer  
D23 Bryan Rink Course  
D24 Sean Goodbody Course  
D25 Scott Miles Starter  
D26 Chad Mizner Course  
D27 Jim Boller Announcer  
D28 Chris Vos Course  
D29 Wiggy Greacen Course  
D30 Todd Anderson Course
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And as an update, if you were emailed today about having to cancel or that you were moved off the waitlist, we do have you in the system and go off of the run group you were told in the email.  We had a several cancelations earlier today, and the list hasn't been updated to reflect that.  So again, if you received an email from Lance or myself earlier today that you were assigned to a run group, go off of that.  Thanks and sorry for any confusion :)

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