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December 1 Steering Committee meeting minutes


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Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2022

Present: Lance H., Kevin V., Kim K., Chris G., Steve E., Brian M., Tim B., Kenny M. (invited), Jonathan Herold (guest), Kei J., Todd H., Craig B., Matt U., Morgan L., Mat L., J. Bucki, Bill P. 

1.    Region Update: We’re now a medium sized region, not a small region. So we go to the medium sized region SCCA meetings. Basically the same. Meeting results: can get 2023 annual waiver now. 
2.    Financials update: Financials OK. This year to date shows a slight loss due to cone expenses, but should still be positive after Dec event. 
3.    Equipment update, especially radios: Steve ordered new radios, 18 of them. About $1000 for 18 radios. Li-ion batteries, lots of features, lockable configuration. New cones in place. New EZ ups purchased. Need to get more oil dry. Unknown status of higher tables and chairs. Jason is properly pairing both sets of timing equipment. Hopefully so everything is interchangeable. Will put electronic manuals on google drive as they become available. 
4.    Delay gate opening?: Jim Baus was a bit upset that he had to be at the site for so long last weekend. Would like to see if we can open the gates later so he doesn’t have to be there so early. Chiefs will should think about it.
5.    Registration updates: Lance now just copies reg from previous event to next event for pre reg people (us). Can change after the fact if necessary. 2 driver cars are gridded at the front of the grid now. Matt U would like to know which cars are 2 driver cars. Lance wants to give Matt access to MSR so he can see all of that. 
6.    MLK Track day event: Do we need to limit entries for event? Steve suggests 135 max limit to be able to finish in the day and still get 4 runs minimum each. Also, registration is not set up for PASR or SCCA member priority as of now. But we are requiring 3 PASR events within the last year, or 3 other autocross events in the past year, proof required. Can there be a line drawn course map? As of now, no. We’d have to make one, but we think we can. Cannot set up course the day before because the track is rented. Kenny will get an AMP cart during the event at least for setup and teardown. Plan for 4 run groups, 135 max number of entries for now. Will charge full price for now and consider giving partial refunds if we get lots of entries and end up with fewer runs than the cost justifies. 
7.    March 2 day event: March event rescheduled for Mar 4-5 to accommodate other events that month. National style with fastest run of  both days counting. Sunday event only will count for local series. People must attend both days for the two day scoring and results. Will present awards for 2 day event. Should we give a discount for 2 day event reg? Will post questions on forum to discuss.
8.    Summer event at Snowflake airport: Snowflake facility may be up for sale. Not a lot has been done to pursue the event. Need to wait some more to see if the site is actually available this coming summer. 
9.    Other sites: Called 12 airports. Cannot use any federal locations because no fundraising activities are allowed. Other two choices are casa grande and the snowflake location. Both are far away and have issues. 
10.    Banquet plans: We will do raffles for 5 TO entries. CG will get raffle tickets. Door prize style, everyone attending will get a ticket. 
11.    Vote for Bill P. as chief of course: Nick and Elliot will help out if needed. Unanimous vote yes.
12.    TO pricing and attendance: Look into bleeding comp runs into TOs to retire wait list. Also look into event timing for having more comp runs but fewer TOs. This will work if TOs remain undersubscribed. Can’t change for December, but could investigate for Jan. If we use unused TO slots for comp runs, we will have to reduce spectator attendance. 
13.    Spring series format: January tech will be rough because no one will have annual yet. Can we do offsite annual tech? At least need more tech people for Jan and Feb. Motion made to keep events in full day format. Vote 11 yes, 1 no. Motion carries. 
14.    Fall 23 2 day event?: Proposals for potential 2 day event in fall series? Kevin suggests a mirrorkhanna. Nov event already overlaps with goodguys. Brian M will look into available dates for a 2 day fall event, and also move Nov. event. 
15.    Member suggestions from Annual meeting: Kei will be looking into Evo school and also potentially local driver’s school. National events? CAM challenge event could happen. Maybe even on the track. National SCCA is interested. Motion to look into it passes unanimously. 
16.    Next SC meeting date. Mar 16. 

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