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  1. Springs need to be OEM or OEM equivalent. You may not change length or rate. Shocks can be anything up to and including double adjustable a long as they have the same length and geometry (mainly for struts). Wheel spacers/wheel offset are changeable +/- 1/4” (6mm). Wheel diameter can be changed from OEM +/- 1”. Width must remain stock. Changing parts to different model years is not allowed in stock unless allowed by the factory (meaning they change part numbers in their catalog to allow replacement for your year and model). This is called “update/backdate”. It is allowed in street prepared.
  2. Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes March 16, 2023 Present: Lance H., Kevin V., Kim K., Chris G., Steve E., Brian M., Tim B., Kei J., Faith H., Matt U., Ben Z., Mat L., Chris S., , William P., Jonathan Herold (guest) 1. Region Update: Medium/Large meeting upcoming. Annual minor waiver poster provided by SCCA. Waiver can use if they want. May not, because we need speedwaiver to smooth registration. 2. Financials update: YTD $456 loss, but not actually true. Dual event income in December had extra revenue, but then we had to refund in Jan because of cancellation. Actual situation better. Current bank balance is about $32k. Steve thinks this is a little high. May need to address in the future to reduce balance, but OK now. 3. Review of weekend membership charge: National will charge $20 for this, but we only charge $15. Kim suggests we should update our charges. But they have not increased it yet. Steve says we are still only charged $15. Consensus to leave it alone until we’re actually charged more. 4. Vote on Ken Mitchell as chief of special events: Ken has helped with a couple of special events already. Worth recognition, and willing to keep helping. Motion to vote. Passes unanimously 5. Equipment update: Tim will check displays because last digit flashes. Ben Z wants to replace our pull carts because they are in poor shape over the summer. Ben will also look into getting more taller chairs. Awards needs to get rid of old awards taking up space. Ben will also get another tent for waiver in case of rain, and will also get weights. 6. Registration and waiver process changes: Guest policy has caused confusion and problems last couple of events. Reg and waiver have come up with new process. Guests will have to make a MSR profile, and then register for a guest registration. Guests must enter who they are a guest of, and then register. No charge to register. Automates speedwaiver for guests, and lets lance keep track of guests, make a guest waitlist, and also check to see if they’ve done their speedwaiver. Just before reg closes, reg will print a list of guests who have not yet checked in, so we know who is left who is allowed in. Will also move registration over to check in area. Also wants to get a jump box with inverter to power laptop over by waiver. For pre registrations, Lance will do all of them in advance. If people can’t make It or need to make a change, they will need to contact Lance. 7. Length of waitlists: What can we do to lower number of people on the waitlist. There’s usually 5-10 people on the waitlist who end up not making it in. Also, we always use up all 55 guest spots. We will think about ways we can fix this. But the 200 person site limit plus having to be completely done and gone by 5pm cause a problem. 8. Summer event at Snowflake airport / Casa grande airport: Idea with Snowflake is to have a summer event up in the mountains in our summer break. Site has some special limitations and issues because of the shape of the pavement. It would work, but course design would be very limited. Parking for trailers is an issue. Steve thinks we’d have to limit number of people. Logistics of moving our equipment up there will be challenging. Someone would have to take charge of setting this up. Maybe Ken M. might want to lead? No news on Casa Grande. 9. Other sites: Gila bend airport. 80ft wide runway. Site very amicable to us coming. Hot, so we couldn’t have it in the summer. Is someone interested in pursuing it? Matt U: Has anyone looked into Apex? 10. Banquet plans: Yes we want a spring banquet. Plan to have it in May. Motion and vote unanimous yes. 11. Fall 23 2 day event ideas: Nov 10 makeup of track day on veteran’s day. Driver’s school would be another 2 day event this fall. Maybe Gila Bend would have to be in Spring 24. 12. National event possibilities: Occupancy waiver for a national event? It’s been done once for AMP. AMP is OK with it, and is willing to help. But we would have to come up with a weekend to propose when the track was free (so we were the only people there). 6 months ahead of time they’d have to propose to the county to get the waiver. 13. Evo school and/or drivers school: Ken/Kei will look into this. Kei will talk to Ken about this for the fall. Kei says more people have shown interest in a local drivers school. 14. Next SC meeting date: June 29
  3. Hello everyone, We would like to invite any members of the Phoenix AZ Solo Region to attend the upcoming steering committee meeting at 6pm on Thursday, March 16. Because we have a very full meeting agenda, we do have some ground rules for attendance: You must contact me (Chris Groppi) by PM to obtain the zoom link. We will not publicly distribute the link on the forum. Attendance is limited to members of the Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA region 117. We ask that you attend as a listener. Our meeting agenda is full, so time for discussion of items not on the agenda is not possible. If you have a specific topic you would like to bring up, please let me know and we can consider adding it to the agenda. If time is not available for this SC meeting, we can include your request in the agenda for the next SC meeting. We are attempting to hold SC meetings every two months.
  4. Given that's the case, buy whatever's cheapest now, which is the Falken by a mile. There's also wear to consider. A052s are known to wear out relatively quickly, especially on heavier cars without optimal camber. Matt Underhill and I got A052s to last forever on a STX BRZ, but not so much on other cars. I have Falken RT660s on my Corvette. They're wearing out from heat cycling before they run out of tread.
  5. Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes December 1, 2022 Present: Lance H., Kevin V., Kim K., Chris G., Steve E., Brian M., Tim B., Kenny M. (invited), Jonathan Herold (guest), Kei J., Todd H., Craig B., Matt U., Morgan L., Mat L., J. Bucki, Bill P. 1. Region Update: We’re now a medium sized region, not a small region. So we go to the medium sized region SCCA meetings. Basically the same. Meeting results: can get 2023 annual waiver now. 2. Financials update: Financials OK. This year to date shows a slight loss due to cone expenses, but should still be positive after Dec event. 3. Equipment update, especially radios: Steve ordered new radios, 18 of them. About $1000 for 18 radios. Li-ion batteries, lots of features, lockable configuration. New cones in place. New EZ ups purchased. Need to get more oil dry. Unknown status of higher tables and chairs. Jason is properly pairing both sets of timing equipment. Hopefully so everything is interchangeable. Will put electronic manuals on google drive as they become available. 4. Delay gate opening?: Jim Baus was a bit upset that he had to be at the site for so long last weekend. Would like to see if we can open the gates later so he doesn’t have to be there so early. Chiefs will should think about it. 5. Registration updates: Lance now just copies reg from previous event to next event for pre reg people (us). Can change after the fact if necessary. 2 driver cars are gridded at the front of the grid now. Matt U would like to know which cars are 2 driver cars. Lance wants to give Matt access to MSR so he can see all of that. 6. MLK Track day event: Do we need to limit entries for event? Steve suggests 135 max limit to be able to finish in the day and still get 4 runs minimum each. Also, registration is not set up for PASR or SCCA member priority as of now. But we are requiring 3 PASR events within the last year, or 3 other autocross events in the past year, proof required. Can there be a line drawn course map? As of now, no. We’d have to make one, but we think we can. Cannot set up course the day before because the track is rented. Kenny will get an AMP cart during the event at least for setup and teardown. Plan for 4 run groups, 135 max number of entries for now. Will charge full price for now and consider giving partial refunds if we get lots of entries and end up with fewer runs than the cost justifies. 7. March 2 day event: March event rescheduled for Mar 4-5 to accommodate other events that month. National style with fastest run of both days counting. Sunday event only will count for local series. People must attend both days for the two day scoring and results. Will present awards for 2 day event. Should we give a discount for 2 day event reg? Will post questions on forum to discuss. 8. Summer event at Snowflake airport: Snowflake facility may be up for sale. Not a lot has been done to pursue the event. Need to wait some more to see if the site is actually available this coming summer. 9. Other sites: Called 12 airports. Cannot use any federal locations because no fundraising activities are allowed. Other two choices are casa grande and the snowflake location. Both are far away and have issues. 10. Banquet plans: We will do raffles for 5 TO entries. CG will get raffle tickets. Door prize style, everyone attending will get a ticket. 11. Vote for Bill P. as chief of course: Nick and Elliot will help out if needed. Unanimous vote yes. 12. TO pricing and attendance: Look into bleeding comp runs into TOs to retire wait list. Also look into event timing for having more comp runs but fewer TOs. This will work if TOs remain undersubscribed. Can’t change for December, but could investigate for Jan. If we use unused TO slots for comp runs, we will have to reduce spectator attendance. 13. Spring series format: January tech will be rough because no one will have annual yet. Can we do offsite annual tech? At least need more tech people for Jan and Feb. Motion made to keep events in full day format. Vote 11 yes, 1 no. Motion carries. 14. Fall 23 2 day event?: Proposals for potential 2 day event in fall series? Kevin suggests a mirrorkhanna. Nov event already overlaps with goodguys. Brian M will look into available dates for a 2 day fall event, and also move Nov. event. 15. Member suggestions from Annual meeting: Kei will be looking into Evo school and also potentially local driver’s school. National events? CAM challenge event could happen. Maybe even on the track. National SCCA is interested. Motion to look into it passes unanimously. 16. Next SC meeting date. Mar 16.
  6. I've used Bullett Automotive in Tempe with good results. That's also who Classic Gold, my current mechanics, use as well. Forza is also supposed to be good and do a lot of exotic and race cars, but is pricy.
  7. Hello everyone, We would like to invite any members of the Phoenix AZ Solo Region to attend the upcoming steering committee meeting at 6pm on Thursday, December 1. Because we have a very full meeting agenda, we do have some ground rules for attendance: You must contact me (Chris Groppi) by PM to obtain the zoom link. We will not publicly distribute the link on the forum. Attendance is limited to members of the Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA region 117. We ask that you attend as a listener. Our meeting agenda is full, so time for discussion of items not on the agenda is not possible. If you have a specific topic you would like to bring up, please let me know and we can consider adding it to the agenda. If time is not available for this SC meeting, we can include your request in the agenda for the next SC meeting. We are attempting to hold SC meetings every two months.
  8. Reminder, the annual meeting is tomorrow at 6pm. All PASR members should have received an email with the zoom link today. If you expected to receive one and did not, please PM or email and we’ll get it sorted.
  9. I just emailed Lance to ask. He’s the one who set up the registration. We didn’t mean to restrict people to only one guest but the registration may not be set up to allow more right now.
  10. No none at all. But check the rules to be sure it’s not excluded. There are a handful of normal cars that are excluded because of rollover risk, like the stock ford fiesta and the non abarth fiat 500. The vast majority of “normal” cars are fine. Just don’t rent any type of crossover or suv.
  11. If it's stock and not lowered with wider wheels/tires, no. If it is lowered, maybe. The rule to determine if it's legal is this chart. The car has a 64.0" track width and a 69.3" height, so you're not even close. You'd likely need to both increase the track width (wider tires) and significantly lower it (like by over 4") for it to be legal.
  12. Hello PASR members and friends, Registration for the PASR annual banquet at Ground Control Craft Food and Drinks opens at 8pm on Wednesday, November 23. You must register on Motorsports reg to attend. We're limiting the size to 75 people, the max Ground Control can handle. Cost is only $5 each for PASR members, and $20 each for non members and guests (our cost). The price includes all food and non alcoholic drinks. We have shared appetizers, and assorted wood fired pizzas for everyone, with plenty of vegetarian options if you prefer. You can purchase beer on your own dime, since the club cannot pay for alcohol. We'll also be handing out awards for the Fall 21 and Spring 22 series. The event will be on December 11, immediately following our final event of the year, starting at 4pm. We will have the whole place to ourselves. https://g.page/GroundControlLitchfield?share The registration link on Motorsports Reg is https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/end-of-year-awards-banquet-ground-control-craft-food-drink-scca-phoenix-az-solo-079013
  13. I’m digging for Teds username but can’t find it right away. He hasn’t been at the last few events. You’d know it if he was.
  14. Here’s my best run of the day, a 40.145. I was on the struggle bus all day with grip, and had two Brown Pants moments with spins going into the first left hand sweeper. I got the closest to hitting something hard at any time in my 18 years of autocross when I almost spun into the fence in TOs.
  15. Ask Ted Lewis. He’s a pro paint and body guy and the local fender rolling expert. He has the lotus elan with the Gulf oil paint job. Just don’t watch when he gets is baseball bat out (the rolling tool of choice). It may seem sketchy but he really does know what he’s doing.
  16. After a long, long hiatus, the annual end of year banquet is returning to the PASR region! We will have the event at Ground Control Craft Food and Drink at the southwest corner of Litchfield Rd and Camelback starting at 4pm or right after our December event ends if we finish after 4. We will have the whole restaurant to ourselves. The club will be subsidizing food and non-alcoholic beverages for PASR members. We are only charging $5 each, mainly to cut down on no-shows. You may also bring non-PASR member guests and non PASR members may attend for $20 each. We will have a menu of appetizers to share, and a selection of wood-fired pizzas that will keep coming out of the kitchen until we say stop. You may of course sample their great beer selection, but on your own dime. The club cannot pay for alcohol. If you haven't been there, the food and beer at ground control is first-rate and all made from scratch. We will also announce and hand out awards for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons. Registration and payment for the event will be through motorsports reg. We just made it another "event". The link will go live for signup at 8pm on 11/25/22. We plan to limit attendance to 100 people. Since we need to give Ground Control an accurate headcount to be ready for us, you will have to sign up online. We won't be able to accommodate walk ins. So please, sign up and join us for some great, cheap food and a long delayed good time! http://msreg.com/PASR2022AwardsBanquet
  17. Hello, This is an announcement for the PASR annual meeting to be held as a zoom webinar on Wednesday Nov. 30 at 6pm. All PASR members are invited to attend. The PASR regional executive Kevin Venisnik will present the elected board for 2023, the status of the region, go over the structure of how the region is run and explain the relationship between the Solo Steering Committee and the PASR board of directors. Members are welcome to ask questions after the presentation. The webinar format will require you to request to ask a question via chat or by raising your virtual hand so we can unmute your microphone and allow you to ask your question. We'll provide instructions at the meeting on how to do this. We will email the zoom link to PASR members as the date approaches and we have the webinar set up.
  18. Yes you can. You'll have to email or call SCCA to add the second region. I think there's also an option to add another region when you renew on the web, but you have to wait until renewal time to do it. You do have to pay dues for both regions, but an extra $20 a year is probably worth it to have the early reg benefit.
  19. She will need a signed SCCA minor waiver, which may or may not have been done previously. The minor waiver is good for one year. That waiver needs to be signed by BOTH parents, and witnessed by a SCCA member. The "both parents" requirement is waived if the minor has only one legal guardian. If a SCCA member is not availible, the form can be witnessed by a notary, but that requires one extra form. https://www.scca.com/downloads/44545-2019-03-08-waiver-procedures-3-page/download
  20. And it was hot. I’m happy my google sheet we use to calculate how many runs we can get had a bug. I was off on predicting our end time by 1 hour. We could have probably done 5 or 6 TO runs and still have been done by 4. But I was happy to get my 8 runs and be done before 3.
  21. Here’s my best comp run, a 43.545. Could be better could be worse. Needs more cowbell all around. Too far off the cones in the southwest sweeper.
  22. OK, so for 4.9L the min weight is 0.91*displacement+250lb or 2600lb, whatever is less. So 2600lbs. There are some added weights for wheels over 10" wide: Regardless of the weight formulas above no car may weigh less than 1350 lbs. or be required to weigh more than 2600 lbs. prior to addition of weight adjustments defined herein and in Section 17. Wheels greater than 10” wide up to 11” wide: .................................. +50 Wheels greater than 11” wide up to 12” wide: ................................ +100 Max allowed wheel width is 12" for DP. So, if you have 12" wide (or less) wheels and you weigh about 3200 lbs you should be fine for DP. If you have over 12" wide wheels, then it's XP.
  23. I think the XP vs DP is set by how much it weighs. The min weight for each class is calculated by engine displacement. What year M5 is this? I can't tell from the pictures. You'll almost certainly be above the min weight for XP, but maybe not DP.
  24. Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes August 11, 2022 Present: Lance H., Kei J., Morgan L., Matt U., Mat L., C. Borger, Kevin V., Faith H., Kim K., Chris G., Ben Z., Brian M., Nick S., Chris S., Steve E., Bill P., J. Rios (visitor) 1. Region Update: 183 members as of the meeting. National SCCA has conference call for small regions that Kim attended. Said it could be greatly improved because it was not really focused on small region’s needs. We should provide feedback. 2. Finances: Region income $2660. Overall total $2700 in the black this year so far. No money from tire rack so far. Tire rack only sends money once a threshold is passed. Need to find ways to increase traffic with those deals. 3. Equipment: Cones easy to get. SCCA national tried to work on deal with company in Wisconsin. Shipping is expensive. Would save if we could have a dock. Nick Sloan’s company has a dock that maybe we could use. Ben Z will count what we have and buy approximately 50% that many. We think that about half the cones need to be replaced. Found an adjustable table that goes up to 37” height. Found chairs of various heights. Need to actually go check to see if that table and compatible chairs Ben Z found will fit. Kim will ask AMP for fence height. Coordinate with Timing and Scoring before buying. Reg and timing and scoring will decide what sort of ez up they want, and if they want it. Our existing ez up may be missing. Need to find it. Lance says 10x20 ez up is best. Need to make sure we get adequate weights. 4. Off duty police for fall series: Law Enforcement Specialists is under contract, but they will not recruit a specific officer for us until after Sept. 1. Brian has a backup company that is $5 per hour more and will schedule a person right away. Kevin says we should stick with the plan. If they don’t show up, we can switch after that. But company seems to be very reliable and well regarded, so they should work. 5. Plans for September event: Lance plans to keep doing early reg and preferred positions for key workers. Will continue to not do onsite reg. Lance will send a reminder email about format. Schedule will be as we had presented in previous meetings. Want to get food vendor. Could use Morgan’s Australian meat pie food truck, or Pat’s hot dogs. Morgan will ask his co-owners. Chiefs checking on their teams to be sure the event will run smoothly. Will Underhill be back? Yes. He says he will. Need to add disclaimer to driver’s meeting about timing and scoring for TOs. Time goes with car, timing will not pay attention to car swapping. Timing quality may be lower quality than for comp runs. 6. November two day event plans: Proposal to do a 2 day event a'la “two days of awesome”. Run like a national event. 2nd day would count for our points series. But would also calculate a two day score for people who participate in both days. Vote to do this with Bucki and Lee as co chairs. Unanimous yes. 7. Goody Store: Payment system set up for goodie store. Placed a test order to be sure everything comes through properly. Will be ready to turn on once that is verified. Will put thread on SC forum once it's ready to decide how to proceed with items and pricing. 8. MLK weekend track event: Jan 15 Sunday regular event, Jan 16 MLK day for track event. Have run events on road course before. Nick says he will do the course map, but would like to have an example if the previous map could be found. Kenny M. said he would consider being the event chair if Lance would help. Elliot has old course design map. Elliot will send it. 9. New sites update: Brian looking into airports for summer events but also tried local airports. None worked. Also have calls into other facilities but no response yet. Maybe Honeywell in northern phoenix. 10. Awards and banquet: Shirts for fall 21, flashlights for spring 22. Will send quotes to Steve to buy since everyone was OK with it. Banquet after December event. Club will pay for people’s food and NA beverages. People responsible for their own booze. Try to arrange limited menu or fixed price per person. Lance will look into setting up registration for banquet for RSVP, and to offer tickets for guests at cost. CG will set up details. 11. Plans for spring series format: After 2nd November event, we will ask people what their opinion is on split session (am/pm) vs all day event format. Both in person at event and as a poll on the forum for actual club members. But also need to factor in what we think so that the events run best. Should decide at next SC meeting. Which should be Dec 1 so that we can have 3 events (one two day) before we decide. Vote to decide at next meeting passed unanimously. 12. Summer 2023 event up north: White mountain lake airport for summer event. $1k per day, $1k damage deposit. Need portapotties or need to rent pilot’s club for $200 more. Dates? June or July for good weather. Two day event? SC is interested. Brian and Steve will look into this more. 13. Chief of Course updates: Nick says he will continue to be Chief of course through this series. Bill P. will be assistant for now. Nick wants to get Bill up to speed first. Nick wants to revisit at next meeting. 14. The next SC meeting will be Thursday December 1. Other business: Nick suggested people have shirts that people who help run the event wear to events to novices know who to talk to. Everyone but one person voted yes so we’ll try it. Morgan will design a shirt and get it made through the goodie store.
  25. I do not think you are legal for SM. SM allows limited interior removal, like the removal of the back seat. You can’t gut the car. Since you still have the original motor, the best bet is probably D prepared. Prepared class is for fully race prepared cars which because of the interior yours is. Prepared does not allow engine swaps in a way as extreme as SM, but does allow the motor to be completely built.
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