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Hunter 3250 Tire Machine.


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Hi. This is a great machine. Can you please tell me what is the capacity if there are two people working on it? I want to open my own workshop. This is what I am looking for. And since I'm on a tight budget, I'm leaning towards getting used equipment. I don't know if that's a good idea. You could, of course, not do it. I've already looked at some of the guys at ecutools.eu. Is this the only part you're selling, or maybe it's lying around somewhere else? Is this car in good condition? I mean, won't it ruin the tires? Can it run? Are there any other nuances to it?

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There are some perhaps not so obvious reasons to have access to a specialized race tire/wheel shop's, a friend's tire machine - or own your own.  I recently put together some 3-piece rims where unbeknownst to me, the outer halves were made wrong by the mfg. and about a tenth of an inch too large at the bead seating surface. Discount Tire had a real fit over not being able to get the rubber to push out and seat on these wheels. Said they went up to 90 lbs. air pressure in the cage. They gave my $16 back and told me they wouldn't do my wheels anymore because Discount (and perhaps other companies?) have a corporate policy against working on 2 or 3 piece wheels.  I evidently had gotten away with having 100's of tire changes done there at that one convenient Discount tire about 1 mile from my house because nobody there had read their policies. Anyway, at least the wheel mfg. admitted their mistake and new spun outers are on the way. 

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Sorry to be off topic. Chuck, If this is close to you, they will most likely mount your 3 piece wheels for you. Cruz is the lead tire mounter for them. Nice guy and it's all he does for them. It's the only place I bring my stuff too. Main shop is on Cave Creek. He is at the Bell address.


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