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Videos from AMP 09-20-2020


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First off, thanks to all that put work into making this event happen.  Really appreciate all that you do and did.  Loved the course design as well.  Have we run something pretty similar in the past, maybe 2 years ago?

I had two goals going into yesterday, work on right foot braking and concentrate on looking ahead more/better.  The right foot braking failed me on run 1 first right hander and I never went back to it.  lol...  I do however believe that I was much more focused on looking ahead and I believe it paid off for me.

Here's my best run, a 45.862 good enough for 17th overall raw and 18th pax which is about normal for me.  I'm open to critique mainly on if there are spots where I left time on the table.  The car did pretty much everything I asked it to do so I'm thinking mainly it was just the driver not knowing where to push harder or pick more time up on each run.  Maybe not aggressive enough on the start?





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I’m sure I left a lot of time on the track myself. Was having a hard time putting any power down without the car wanting to step out in the back. I was also more focused on the 205* coolant temp at the start of the runs and 220* at the end. I wasn’t the most vigilant on checking tire pressures. No videos from me as my cameras were safely stored in my truck at home. 

great runs though lance. You and the fox body did awesome. Can’t wait for the next event in hopefully cooler temps. 

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Thanks for posting your video Jason.  It looks like the main difference compared to my runs is I was just too wide on several of the 180 degree turns lengthening the distance traveled.  I was concentrating on making a wide arc entry to straighten out the exit whereas you were tight on the entry cone and wider at the apex.  You were also much tighter and more aggressive on the very first turn coming out of the start.  My car is much looser mid turn than yours so I may not have been able to carry as much speed as you on that line as well.  Would have liked to try it at least once though.  


Always nice to learn from those much faster, appreciate it a lot.  

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