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FS: '99 STR/CSP Miata - $2500


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Selling my '99 Miata, it's currently slotted into csp, but could probably be run locally in str without issues.  Some of the work done on it:

'05 engine block with a refurbished '99 head that was put on about 3 years ago (which is why it's in csp)
RB front sway bar
RB cai
Rear Koni yellow's were replaced in the spring of '21
Fronts are Koni race's
I believe the springs are the Eibach set, something like 650lbs in the front, 400lbs in the back or about that.
225/45/15 Rival's are currently on it with lots of tread, but the tires have heat cycled out a bit.  
Clutch is low mileage
Exedy lightweight flywheel

The car is a California model, but the goofy cali 2nd cat/header has been removed and replaced with a standard header.  It still has the cali ecu in it, but I do have a 49 state ecu you can drop in it.

The downside, the car does have a salvage title.  It was in a front end collision before I bought it, the front driver's side suspension was completely replaced.  Car drives perfectly though, you can't tell there was ever anything done to it.  It also needs a new top.  It's currently water tight, but there is tape covering the holes.

The car has a history in the club, so there are a number of people who can vouch for how it drives.  Let me know if you have any quesitons or want more info!



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Steal of a deal, but just in the interest of prospective buyers being aware, the lightweight flywheel (like the cylinder head swap) bumps the car to Street Prepared.

Those 245s look like they squeeze under that car better than the 225s on mine. What's the wheel width/offset? Any fender work done to accomplish this?

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