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  1. If I made that change Scott, nobody would get waitlisted... Basically I can turn the option to waitlist on or off. What happens to you when you describe the above is the group you chose has an open spot when you chose it, but someone else took it before you finished checking out. There isn't much I can do about that when 80-100 people are all trying to register at the same time. What I have thought about doing is lowering the available slots from 35 to say 30 drivers per group initially. This would make groups fill up and sell out faster, but it would leave me some leeway to make adjustments to registrations to clean up issues like you mention such as co-drivers not getting in the same group. I did this a little bit for the March events because we wanted to give preference to those that were trying to register for both days and it worked okay, but was way more work for me on this end. Really, I think I've been pretty good about working out getting co-drivers switched around post registration and I think I'd rather handle that after the fact vs trying to come up with a way to prevent it beforehand. Another remedy is you can cancel your waitlisted registration and start over by choosing another group.
  2. Here was my 47.795 good enough for 2nd place in class on Sunday And Patrick's 48.035
  3. Couple of fun courses this weekend, hard on equipment and tires, but fun once you got it right. Here was my 45.283 from Saturday. After some coaching from Brian Peters I ran a 44.551 in Time Onlys but had GoPro battery issues so no video of it. And here is my Co-driver Patrick's 44.861 from Saturday
  4. My learning story was similar only I was in a woefully horrible car and was picking up take off A7s (Hoosier Slicks) to try to be fast on my first year. Several veterans gave me the same advice, sticky tires just help bed in the bad habits I was learning. My second season I switched to a traditional 200 TW tire (Falken 615s at the time, decent but nowhere near as fast as the Rivals) and devoted that year to just driving the car, hitting schools and honing my craft. By the end of that season I was running with the guys on the fast tires and even brought home a third place trophy from Nationals the first time the CAM class ran there... On slower tires than everyone else was running.
  5. Eh, I'll put you in T. We'll only start protesting you once you start winning... 😄
  6. Nice! 67 Chevelle should be CAM T, want me to change that for you? Happy to have yet another muscle car in our Region...
  7. Glad you had fun Ron! What most of us do with videos is upload them to YouTube then post the YouTube link here.
  8. Man that was a great driver's course wasn't it? One had to get everything just right to be fast yet it never felt really punitive either, great job Bill!! I'm going to post 2 videos, this first one was my 4th run and I hit a cone early in the slalom so I turned on "send it" mode just to see how my car would react. It was my fastest raw of the day at 43.173. https://youtu.be/5QvHlyJkfYY I liked how the car stayed under me but I knew I had to clean it up on my 5th. The 5th run I went left entering the slalom just to slow me down and it really helped me get my rhythm in the slalom. I still screwed a couple other places up though that cost me time, one of these days I'll put a whole good run together and get back up there with the fast drivers. 43.301 clean Overall super fun day. Go Chiefs today!!!
  9. Group C is sold out, if you want me to move you to another group I can.
  10. Great job everyone getting this event in considering the wet conditions. Special kudos to equipment setup, waiver and tech staff that did the majority of their work in a soaking rain. You all ROCK!! Event Chairs were great being flexible with the conditions and it looked like we were on track to be done on time even with 5 runs each during Comp Groups. Very impressive!! Here was my 49.355, the GoPro didn't record my 49.158 fast lap. And just for fun, here was Juan trying to learn how to drive my car, in the wet, having never even sat in the driver's seat before. He did fantastic!!
  11. I assure all of you I had a blast racing this day... A little of what you should do along with one instance of what you should not do... lol...
  12. The Steering committee is monitoring the impending weather closely and today the decision was made to cancel Monday's MLK Day road course event. As much as we all wanted to host and drive in the event, the safety and consideration for our workers and drivers is more important. The rain slick conditions were not the only thing considered when making this decision, course workers having to stand in (and run in) mud for a couple of hours, cars getting stuck in the mud after an off with no way to properly extract them, and the possibility of a bunch of no shows the morning of leaving not enough workers to safely conduct the event were also factors in the final decision. An event like this involves so much more than a regular autocross and we wanted our first one to be done right. Hopefully we can reschedule it for sometime later this year. Sunday's normal Spring Event 1 on the skid pad will still be held even if it rains. Close lightening or a full all day washout are the only weather related events that will cause it to be canceled. We'll adjust a few things to prepare for rain, like using yellow crayons to mark cone placement and some sort of protection for the timing lights. We will also most likely have registration set up inside the tents on site if they are available to ease with checking in if it's raining. For everything else, please be prepared to do your normal raceday stuff in wet conditions. Bring extra dry socks and shoes to change into after working, bring hats and ponchos to keep rain off of you, and a couple towels to help dry yourself and your car off if necessary are a good idea as well. As far as when driving, just concentrate on slowing everything down, all inputs have to be much softer, throttle, brakes, and steering wheel need to be treated with care when racing in the wet. It can be a LOT of fun to race in the rain, I've done my fair share of it in the Midwest and I kind of enjoy it to be honest. There's also a pretty good chance that there won't be that much rain at all so all of this might be for not. Either way...lets have a great day of racing on Sunday!!
  13. So, was this the satin black early Mustang that made it to the Tech day? If so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you or spend much time looking at it (I was kinda busy). Some of the other muscle car guys said it's a pretty nice ride though. Can't wait to look it over a bit closer.
  14. I like to wear my Tilley hat and a poncho and some shoes that can get wet while working a wet event. It's handy to have a dry pair of shoes and socks with you as well as some dry towels for when you get out of any weather. Typically umbrellas are not allowed out on course at any time as you need to be able to move quick and we can't have an unattended umbrellas blowing across the course during a run. Regarding car prep, make sure your wipers are in good shape and that your defroster works. Good thing about the defroster is it also activates the AC compressor which takes power away which can be a good thing in the wet.
  15. I tried to make every driver take pics of their weights with and without driver...but recording them might be fun also next time. We weighed a Cadillac (ATS I think?) late in the day at 3900+ without driver and believe he was the heaviest of the day. That newer Challenger would have been a contender as I think they are over 4,000 but he didn't weigh. Several cars were in the 2700s...the 280Z may have been the lightest I think. My biggest surprise was the Banana, Andy's Fox Wagon. It was like 3300 sans driver, pretty close to what Mat's White Monte weighs. Thought it would be much heavier for some reason. I also saw several cars with 60+ % on the front... and several with 60+% on the rear... And I thought my 57% on the nose was bad...
  16. Video of some of the cars lined up to get teched...
  17. Thanks Dave...I assume you are talking about my "office"? 😄
  18. My only regret is that we didn't get any drone footage of all the cars lined up down our streets... If anyone has any decent pics of all the cars they could share that would be awesome.
  19. Thanks Kim...was an awesome day. I think we teched 55 or 56 cars and weighed 26. Here's a time lapse I took inside the garage for most of it. Thanks to everyone for being considerate to our neighbors...and making it a great day.
  20. You should be good John, Tech can issue a provisional sound sticker if they deem it quiet enough.
  21. We are having an annual tech day at my house on Jan 7. Most of the CAM T guys will be there. You have to be an annual member with SCCA to do annual tech but you should stop by anyway to hang out with us and check our cars out. We'll show you the ropes for sure... http://msreg.com/PASRAnnualTechDay
  22. Plus, the CAM T guys are just fun to hang out with and race against... Here's a picture of Erik Gagnon's early Mustang the he races with us in CAM T. Can't wait to see your car.
  23. Yes, this event is just to help relieve the crush of 100 or so drivers all trying to do their annual tech during the limited 1 hour window at the January event. Plus its a chance to get together, bench race, tell some lies, eat some pizza and maybe weigh your rides...
  24. Our Phoenix AZ Solo Annual Tech Gathering will be at Lances Speed Shop on January 7, 2023 10:00 am to 2 pm if needed. We'll have the whole Tech team on site to complete your 2023 Annual Tech Approval and get your sticker that allows you to perform your own tech and skip the tech lines at each event. We will have pizza and wings provided by the club for drivers doing their annual tech and weigh scales set up for those that may want to weigh their car on a first come first served basis. The location is very close to 75th Ave and Happy Valley Road, exact address will be sent to all entrants before January 7th. Please register if you plan to attend so we will have a head count to know how many pizzas to order. http://msreg.com/PASRAnnualTechDay This will be held at Lance Hamilton's house, so please be respectable when coming and going as well as when parking and hanging out. The neighbors will know we doing this, but we still wish to be as less intrusive as possible while enjoying ourselves. There will be room for some trailers if needed but may need to be unloaded down the street a bit. Please let us know if you plan on bringing a trailer. Thanks, Lance ANNUAL_TECH_FORM 2023.pdf
  25. Thanks, I think I fixed it now. The pic link AND the car BTW...
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