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  1. Also you can sign AMP waiver on site. There are two waivers to sign.
  2. Hey Arron I'm Faith chief of wavier. Speed wavier does need to be signed before you get to track. If possible please screen shot it so it's easier to pull up when you arrive.
  3. Please note AMP waiver is signed on site and speed waiver needs to filled out before you arrive on site.
  4. Ok we are checking on this. Last I heard they weren't giving out discounts. But we are checking to be sure. Sorry for any confusion Faith Hare cheif of waiver
  5. Unfortunately they no longer give discounts for weekend memberships.
  6. If you are not invited by a driver please note you will not be allowed on site due to restrictions on the amount of people allowed. Thank you for your understanding. Faith chief of waiver
  7. Drivers please understand we are limited with the amount of people allowed on site. If you have a passenger you want to invite please do so. But I will be checking to see how many per driver (limit 2). If you have more then that or others show up to ride I will not be allowing them on site due to our restrictions on the amount of people on site. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Also if they haven't signed speed wavier before showing up on site I will NOT allow them on site. Thank you Faith (cheif of waiver)
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