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No doubt he registered there.  But there are NO Mustangs (or Corvettes😉) in STS.

Here's the Ford STS cars:


Escort GT (1991-96)
Fiesta (1.0T EcoBoost)
Fiesta (non-turbo) (2011-19)*
Focus (non-turbo)
ZX2 & Excort ZX2 (1998-2003)

In the Street Touring Classes, best he could do would be STU; very tough Pax and Competition. There is ESP too. Better than STU.

His best bet is CAM-T.

CAM T (Traditional) (car and truck body styles originating from 1948-2000)
Examples: Chevrolet Camaro (-2002), Ford Mustang (-2004)
Sedans/coupes with seating originally for 4 or more adults and trucks.
Interior floor covering(s) may be replaced, but not removed.
Weight without driver, minimum (lbs.)...........................................3000
Additional weight for Lexan® windshield (lbs.)...............................+150

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Hey, know this. I am on record as not being a fan of current SCCA Classing strategies. It has grown in numbers of Classes and complexities over the past years to the point that someone new has no clue how the system flows or works. It is next to impossible to decipher your correct Class without help. And even I (who's been doing this since before SCCA even knew about Autocrossing), can't just think up what Class someone would correctly be in without doing rules research.

Depending on even some small and seemingly insignificant car mods, someone can find themselves way up the PAX Ladder. Look and see what a carbon-fiber hood does to you.😉

Too bad NASA-X didn't catch on better. In that Classing world they use a "points-added" structure for Mods, and they only have NINE Classes total. If you add a thing or two, each one carries a "points weight", and all you have to do is take the starting points value for your car, and do a little math. By adding a few things, you only move up a class or maybe two. It's all linear.

But then, we wouldn't have about eighty or more Classes (and Trophies?) anymore........😂

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