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Tire pressure for negative camber on the street


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I was wondering what peoples thoughts were about that, with the goal of trying to even out the wear as much as possible on the street.  I have been running higher pressure to get more wear on the center, to help reduce the load on the inner tire.  Or would lower pressure be better to help relax the inner sidewall to even out the wear?

Network Alignment suggested a little toe-in, so I've also been trying that.

What's everyone else doing with their daily driven autocross cars that have higher negative camber?

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Just run the normal pressure, you are going to have to deal with the wear.  If anything flip the tires inside to outside half ways thru their life.  Adding toe is just going to accelerate the wear as you are adding slip angle and that is acting on the parts of the tire that have the most pressure on them.  (assuming that your deviating from 0 toe in the driving/dynamic state, IE compliance in suspension could drive toe off of 0)

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