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PASR Annual Tech, Weigh in Day January 7


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Our Phoenix AZ Solo Annual Tech Gathering will be at Lances Speed Shop on January 7, 2023 10:00 am to 2 pm if needed.  We'll have the whole Tech team on site to complete your 2023 Annual Tech Approval and get your sticker that allows you to perform your own tech and skip the tech lines at each event.

We will have pizza and wings provided by the club for drivers doing their annual tech and weigh scales set up for those that may want to weigh their car on a first come first served basis.

The location is very close to 75th Ave and Happy Valley Road, exact address will be sent to all entrants before January 7th. Please register if you plan to attend so we will have a head count to know how many pizzas to order.


This will be held at Lance Hamilton's house, so please be respectable when coming and going as well as when parking and hanging out.  The neighbors will know we doing this, but we still wish to be as less intrusive as possible while enjoying ourselves.  There will be room for some trailers if needed but may need to be unloaded down the street a bit.  Please let us know if you plan on bringing a trailer.




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36 minutes ago, loudes13 said:

Is it possible to do an annual at the first event? 


Yes, this event is just to help relieve the crush of 100 or so drivers all trying to do their annual tech during the limited 1 hour window at the January event.  


Plus its a chance to get together, bench race, tell some lies, eat some pizza and maybe weigh your rides...

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Thanks Kim...was an awesome day.  I think we teched 55 or 56 cars and weighed 26.  Here's a time lapse I took inside the garage for most of it.

Thanks to everyone for being considerate to our neighbors...and making it a great day.




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59 minutes ago, ziemsj01 said:

I expect a whole lot of folks are now thinking how they can get into an "office" like that.

Next time it might be fun to record stats from the weighing. Maybe even had awards for heaviest, lightest, most perfectly balanced, weirdest balanced. 

I tried to make every driver take pics of their weights with and without driver...but recording them might be fun also next time.

We weighed a Cadillac (ATS I think?) late in the day at 3900+ without driver and believe he was the heaviest of the day.  That newer Challenger would have been a contender as I think they are over 4,000 but he didn't weigh. 

Several cars were in the 2700s...the 280Z may have been the lightest I think.  My biggest surprise was the Banana, Andy's Fox Wagon.  It was like 3300 sans driver, pretty close to what Mat's White Monte weighs.  Thought it would be much heavier for some reason.  I also saw several cars with 60+ % on the front... and several with 60+% on the rear...  And I thought my 57% on the nose was bad...  


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