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  1. Thanks... It can be a handful at times, but it is almost always fun.
  2. Fun course today, really enjoyed it. Here was my best 46.609 on my final run.
  3. Allen, last I looked,, you and 1 other were still on the waitlist with the run groups full. Dave was working on an updated run/ work list after today's changes but I don't think any more spots opened up. I'm not sure if a spot will open up tomorrow or not either, but there is a chance one might.
  4. Just a friendly reminder for everyone to check their profile information (mainly contact info) on your MSR profile. The only way we can contact you through MSR with registration information is through your contact info there, if it's incorrect...you may miss out on getting into an event from the waitlist... Also remember when filling out your Speedwaiver, use the exact same name as is on your MSR registration please... Thanks and see you all tomorrow...
  5. There are currently only 3 people on the waitlist. What is your registered name on MSR and I'll let you know where on that list you are.
  6. There is 1 spot open in A and 4 people on waitlist for B. If/when someone currently in B cancels their registration, the earliest entry on the waitlist gets moved into B in their place.
  7. Just an update on registrations for the Jan 17 event. Currently there is one open spot left in Group A and one open spot left in Group C, Groups B and D are sold out. There are 4 people on the waitlist for Group B. Please remember to print out, sign and bring with you the AMP waiver sheet and the Annual tech sheet if you are an SCCA member. Annual tech saves all of us time and makes the mornings go much smoother, please consider it. Also, please remember to use the exact same name on your Speedwaiver entry that you used for Motorsportsreg.com. Thanks, Lance
  8. I was able to change it, it was weird though...SSR didn't show up then after scrolling down and scrolling back up it magically appeared.
  9. Should be there to choose now Kenny. Regarding sound, did you have it checked at the PCA event or just provisional given? If you think it'll be close we should probably plan on checked again.
  10. I don't see SSR listed Kenny, I'll check tomorrow to see if I can get it available as an option.
  11. Registration for the AZ Solo Autocross Spring 2021 Series Event 1 opens at 8 pm this evening. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/az-solo-autocross-spring-2021-series-event-1-arizona-motorsports-park-scca-846036 As similar to our last several events, the same covid restrictions will be in place. Masks will be required, except while driving. If you don't bring a mask, you won't be able to participate. Please have your mask on before getting to waivers upon entry Only pre-registered drivers will be allowed on site. This means no spectators or guests! There will be no onsite registration for this event. A and B groups will run in the morning, C and D will run in the afternoon. If you are in C or D group, you can not show up on site till noon. You will be turned away if you show up before then. Gate open at 630 am for morning run groups. We will not be providing loaner helmets, you must bring your own Snell approved helmet with a 2010 or newer rating. Water will not be provided on site, so please plan accordingly to bring your own. There will be no food vendors on site, so please plan accordingly Special processes will be in place for waiver. Check your Motorsportsreg event receipt for additional instructions. If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon. Instructors will not be available at this event. Hope to see everyone there! PS: Please consider downloading, filling out and bringing your Annual Tech Form below with you to the event. Having your annual tech card significantly speeds up the pre-race procedures for everyone and can lead to more runs for everyone...and that's what we all want right, more runs? Jan 2021 AMP Waiver Please download, print sign and bring to event. AZ Solo AMP Waiver Spring Series 1.pdf Annual Tech Form Please download, print, fill out and sign then bring to tech to get your annual tech card. ANNUAL_TECH_FORM.pdf ANNUAL_TECH_FORM.doc SpeedWaiver link for SCCA waiver for the January event: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/rxpdb When registering for your Speedwaiver, please use the exact name registered on MotorSportsReg.com. Kenneth on registration means Kenneth on Speedwaiver also (ie: not Ken). Thanks, Lance
  12. Here is a gallery Amanda Hitt took of us last fall. https://adventurewife.smugmug.com/20200126-Marana-SCCA/ And there are some good action shots in this album amongst all the working on pics... https://lancehamilton.smugmug.com/1985-Monte-Carlo-Barney/i-MSRBjrP
  13. Under powered you say? 😄 Here is a friend's Corvair that I've raced against several times. Its bad fast... http://www.superchevy.com/features/1612-jb-grangers-ls-powered-pro-touring-1966-chevy-corvair Good to hear Charlie Clark's name mentioned also. He is who I had put the roll bar in my car about 5 years ago and is still a fixture at autocross events in the Midwest. He was so excited in 2014 the first time we ran CAM class at Nationals in Lincoln. Said it reminded him of the early CP days...
  14. If Solostorm still captured logs of your runs, you can either upload those to cloud and/or download ours to compare. Mat, James and I have all uploaded our fastest runs to the cloud and compared them. You can search for them pretty easily by event name and date. If any questions just ask.
  15. For just being your first timed event that was not that bad at all. Shortening up distance traveled by being tighter on the cones is the most glaring thing I see and it really wasn't that bad. Getting up closer to the edge of grip by carrying more speed would also help. Not bad at all though, nice work.
  16. It is so interesting to me to watch how much steering input you have to use and how much the front tires protest...while at the same time still going so fast. My car is so different... If I tightened it up that much for the sweepers, it just wouldn't turn at all in the slaloms. Nice driving though and I learned a few spots where I could have picked some time up for sure.
  17. After hitting the very first cone on your first run, you adapted to the largeness pretty quickly. 😄 I liked seeing a smile on your face when you came in from runs, that's the best part for me. Solostorm is pretty cool for sure. Now I just need to get better at reviewing data between runs to see where to pick time up instead of later in the day at home on the couch.
  18. Had a lot of fun at the event and was a super fast fun flowing course by Nick. Weather was perfect as well as were the brand new RT660s on my car. Here was my 44.127 on my third run. Car probably had another 1-1.5 seconds in it, but the driver apparently didn't. Can't wait to start the new series in January... Post up your own vids if you have one...
  19. Thanks for getting the results up so quick. Its not a big deal but Mike Hitt in CAM T was able to get his 1970 Chevelle to pass sound and raced it instead of the CAM T 1961 F100 he registered in.
  20. I'll share Barney with ya if you want... I'm in C.
  21. AMP Waiver attached, please remember to print out, sign and bring with you to the event. AZSolo Fall 2020 Seires Event 4 Waiver.pdf
  22. Yep, registration opens at 8 pm tonight.
  23. SSLance


    Shoot... Wish I would have seen this a few days ago... I just ordered new RT660s
  24. Thank you for all of the advice Matt. Playing things back in my head after a run is something I do regularly, especially if I know I'm off the pace and trying to figure out why. What I am not very good at is figuring out if I'm off the pace on my own without looking at other's times. I can tell if I have the car up near the edge of grip or if I've missed a corner or an element pretty well...but what I missed the last two events is just how far the grip level of my tires had fallen off. I generally have to do things a bit differently with my car than most autocrossers to set a good time and when it is suffering in one form or another, it's just not going to happen no matter what I do. I'll have new skins on before the next event, just ordered a fresh set of RT660s. I'll also be giving more attention to traveling the shortest distance possible vs solely worrying about car position based on what I learned when comparing Mat's data to my own at GGs. I knew I was taking a wide arc in spots there, but had imagined it was helping me setup for the straights better. The data showed me that I was loosing a ton of time by doing that. Going back and watching a bunch of videos of other fast drivers on the same course confirmed this as well.
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