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  1. That's the best part about CAM... None of us are really supposed to be there anyway so we aren't real hung up on the actual rules. 😉
  2. Thanks for the feedback Nick. I'm doing my homework assignment now. 😃 I've been told in the past that I drive off the front of my hood and by memory, but in my defense...my car demanded too much attention to what it's doing right now to worry about what's coming up. 🤣 Lately though the car is MUCH improved and I have been trying to concentrate more on looking ahead. 0:07 - Looking at the exit of the slalom. I was probably looking at the 2nd pin in slalom, I did get behind in most of my runs in the last two pins and never really got the speed I wanted thru the last 3 pins 0:12 - Head turned way left looking at the exit of the box. Pfft...I'm maybe looking at the first inside pin trying to set up getting into the box...and still had trouble with my braking zone. At 15 seconds you can see me glance up to find the exit once I didn't knock the wall down on the back of the box. 0:22 - Head looking right out the passenger window at the corner exit of the sweeper. Looks like I glanced to the exit at about 26 seconds, again just past the apex. 0:32 - Looking all the way down at the exit of that tight left. I glanced at exit about 35 seconds. 0:38 - I was looking at the cone that started the right hand turn at 0:41. I feel like I got these last two sections down pretty well, was pretty happy with my car placement and speed. Maybe looked ahead a touch later than you but still knew where I needed to be. 0:41 - Looking out the passenger window at the entrance cone of the final sweeper. I completely missed looking ahead here. 0:44 - Looking at the final cone just before the finish so I could get nice and close to it. Where did you end up in relation to that cone in your video? So I looked ahead at 44 at that cone but still didn't get my arc right through that turn. I knew where I needed to be but just didn't do what my car needed to get there. Both there and the entrance to the first box I overdrove the entry multiple times and pushed the front trying to turn in. With the old diff I would have entered these much easier because the car would upset so easily there, with the new diff it was so much more confidence inducing that I was overdriving in. I need to find a happier medium getting in there which would let me carry more speed through apex and also get back onto the gas earlier on exit. Let me know if this helps at all. Yeah, it helps a ton to talk through a run like this. Thank you for taking the time... I feel like I'm at the point where I need instruction again to really fine tune my ability to minimize time on course. I'm using Solostorm and that helps after the fact but without a really good co-driver to compare to during runs, it is hard to use it to get better in real time.
  3. Awesome job getting the results up so quickly, thanks! Have to give a shout out to the 11 CAM T drivers there yesterday... ELEVEN!!! Thanks everyone for bringing the old iron out to play.
  4. Super fun course and a well run event, thanks to all that put in the extra work to make these happen. Here's my fastest 46.395 run. I was learning a new torsen diff that made the car completely different and I picked up time on every single run. Thought I put down a pretty decent lap until all the fast guys ran in the afternoon session. Really hope some of you will post videos so I can see where I left all the time on the table. Now that the car will do things it could never do before, the driver needs to learn how to make it do those things faster...
  5. Add another happy participant...really a fun course.
  6. Oh my goodness! I so very much want to head down and race there at Musselman... Looks like a blast.
  7. What is the FM station the PA is broadcast over at events? I always forget to ask until its too late.
  8. Appreciate the event being added to calendar.
  9. 1987 or older and you are in... All American Sunday is open to all years.
  10. 23rd Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals presented by Barrett-Jackson "Duel in the Desert" Autocross Shootout sponsored by American Racing, K & N, LeCarra, Optima Batteries and Speedway Motors November 20-22, 2020 Friday - 9am to Noon & 1pm to 5pm Saturday - 8am to Noon & 1pm to 3pm 4 - 4 Car Shootouts Saturday - 3:30pm to 5pm All American Sunday - 8am to 12:00pm & 12:30pm to 1:30pm 1-8 Car Shootout Sunday - 1:30pm-2pm
  11. Thanks Dave... I know it sucks dealing with this on a Friday night.
  12. So I see 57 total registered including all the waitlist people. I know those that wanted B would take A if available
  13. Can we release the guys stock on waitlist for B so they can try other groups?
  14. An easy 5,000 players and and spectators out on the 35 ball fields at CCV tonight when I drove by. In about the same amount of outdoor space as we use. I'm guessing on the #...but I'm not kidding....it was a LOT of people...
  15. So I realize that I've always been more of a "rather beg forgiveness than ask permission" kind of guy, and I'm aware that clubs and other larger organizations have to be more careful in this regard. I also understand the Steering committee might have it's hands tied with Topeka on this one. That said, something seems amiss given the following link. https://www.westworldaz.com/events2 There are a whole host of larger than 50 people gatherings planned for Westworld (which is in Maricopa County) starting on Sept 25. The Maricopa County Home show is the same weekend as our next event. Also I live right down the street from CCV on Happy Valley and their soccer fields are packed with people (spectators) from one end to the other just about every night? What do they know or do that we do not?
  16. Thanks for posting your video Jason. It looks like the main difference compared to my runs is I was just too wide on several of the 180 degree turns lengthening the distance traveled. I was concentrating on making a wide arc entry to straighten out the exit whereas you were tight on the entry cone and wider at the apex. You were also much tighter and more aggressive on the very first turn coming out of the start. My car is much looser mid turn than yours so I may not have been able to carry as much speed as you on that line as well. Would have liked to try it at least once though. Always nice to learn from those much faster, appreciate it a lot.
  17. First off, thanks to all that put work into making this event happen. Really appreciate all that you do and did. Loved the course design as well. Have we run something pretty similar in the past, maybe 2 years ago? I had two goals going into yesterday, work on right foot braking and concentrate on looking ahead more/better. The right foot braking failed me on run 1 first right hander and I never went back to it. lol... I do however believe that I was much more focused on looking ahead and I believe it paid off for me. Here's my best run, a 45.862 good enough for 17th overall raw and 18th pax which is about normal for me. I'm open to critique mainly on if there are spots where I left time on the table. The car did pretty much everything I asked it to do so I'm thinking mainly it was just the driver not knowing where to push harder or pick more time up on each run. Maybe not aggressive enough on the start?
  18. If we have a hard card of a current SCCA Annual waiver, will that suffice for the SCCA waiver upon entry?
  19. So as some of you may be aware, I hurt the engine in Barney at a AMP Track day last March. I was fortunate enough stop when I did as I'm pretty sure one more lap would have left me with a pile of useless parts. Here is the #4 piston which had a crack all the way around both ends of the wrist pin and all of the rings were broken in several spots. My indication that something was amiss was a little bit of smoke in the cabin from a misplaced valve cover breather (blow-by past the rings blew the breather off). Pretty certain that a headbolt was a touch loose letting the headgasket fail just a bit letting combustion into the cooling system or letting coolant into the cylinder depending on condition. There was sign of coolant in the chamber and the edge of the piston had just started to melt away. I literally could have just stuck a replacement piston in the hole, put it all back together and it would have been "okay" but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. After a lot of consternation and shopping, I decided the awesome Holley EFI top end deserved a bottom end that would stand up to it, so I spec'd out new 2618 Alloy forged pistons and H beam rods to go back in the refreshed long block. Then with an assist from Mat and Ray found a local guy to do the machine work and reassembly. Rich Moffit did a fantastic job putting it all back together, finding numerous mistakes the last builder made and corrected them as well as perfectly balancing the whole new rotating assembly. I've had the engine back in the car since July and am loving how smooth it revs and the power it makes. Can't wait to see how it does on course. I have to say, it's pretty dang nice to be able to just paste a link to a picture or video in the text box and have it automatically show up. That's pretty cool...
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