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  1. Was a super fun course. First time with the new watts link on and think it helped a lot. Best run for me was this one with a 46.2. Really need to get some non street tires.
  2. Good read as normal, thanks for putting it together @Brian Miller
  3. I also use track addict. It does a pretty good job
  4. I kind of miss the whole day events. Liked hanging out watching all the cars and having 6 to 8 runs in a day. I would like to see it go back to that. But the current set up is nice since my other half does not get upset that im gone for a whole day.
  5. If your just wanted to start out at autocross you will pick your specific class then pick novice. When racing under novice your going against all over novice cars. As far as the specific class goes Im not really sure what that would fall under.
  6. Was such a fun course. I’ll get my vid uploaded but I could of carried a lot more speed though that corner. Still learning the new tire set up and what it can do.
  7. Well my other half gave me the ok to go ahead and get the Link. I’ll be at the next race in the morning if that works for you as a pick up.
  8. Is the watts link still available?
  9. You kicked me from second place 😞
  10. Here is my best with a 49.45 came third in Cam C. All very close times. Should be a fun season. Any tips will be much appreciated on my driving. 😅 IMG_2735.MP4
  11. I keep getting this as well as some other friends who were trying to find info. They get this when they click the link from the motorsports reg email with all the events. Do you have another link I can use. NVM I just had to do a search on the cite and no go though the one via the email.
  12. Was it canceled? The motorsports Registration cite shows it no longer exists and just goes to a "missing page" link when clicked. Is it canceled?
  13. Love that photo of the Green Mustang! Got any more?
  14. Here is my footage. Was a real fun race for sure and a fun track. Look forward to next season and even more cars in the cam c class. IMG_2403.MP4
  15. Lot of cool events coming out it seems. Glad there is still a ton going on.
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