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Hello, I don't see a link for the Novice page mentioned on the AZSolo Web page.  Would someone please point me to that?  I would like information on how to acquire a rule book, how to get my car inspected, etc.  Any information will help, thanks.

Paul W.

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Well, the Solo Rulebook is free, online.......Click Here

Your car will be inspected for safety purposes at each event by our Tech Crew. In order to run, it would need to pass.

As far as what Class to declare, start reading about classing rules and lists in that rulebook. When properly confused, check back with us here for clarification. You’ll see what I mean later. There’s a lot to learn here.

I saw no mention of a Novice “page”? Not sure there is one here, but I’ve been wrong before. Best cure for “Novice-ness” is to start attending events, get to know other drivers, and ask lots of questions. There is a lot of good, free advice available at events.

Hope this helped some.

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I’m going to second Scott’s advice to ask lots of questions at an event. Most of us still remember our first event and the drinking from a fire hose that came along with it. Just remember to be a sponge for at least the first few events, there’s no one here to try and impress. Autocross is reasonably different than road racing, so most forum advice you’ll come across on the internet needs something a little stronger than a pinch of salt for this type of racing. 

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