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October 23rd Event Registration Open - KINO! - Note Start Times


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Registration for the Oct 23rd  Kino Sports Complex! event is now  open:  https://registration.azbrscca.org/index.html  Registration closes Friday 10/21 at 7 pm. (if in doubt register and let us know you can't make it is better than having to register on site and fit you in)

NOTE: We have an earlier start time to ensure we can finish before 4

Site Opens: 7:30am

Registration & Tech Open 7:30am

Registration Closes 8:30am

Tech Closes 8:45am

Novice Walk 9:00am (if you are new to autocross please leave enough time to get thru tech and into the Novice walk)

Mandatory Site Meeting ~9:15am (as soon as Novice Walk Finishes



Run groups will be

A for B & B for A Competition runs only

C for D & D for C Time Only “Fun runs” only


Please remember that getting a new site is extremely difficult, please respect the site and adjacent surface streets when you are coming and going, no speeding, aggressive driving, etc.

I recommend that you enter via Country Club to Milber.  You might be able to snake thru via Ajo to Forgeus, but that will take some snaking around based on where we are closing the road at.

Additional Kino Site Restrictions:

  • ·    No animals are allowed - Service dogs that provide specific ADA qualifying assistance are allowed, unfortunately emotional support animals do not qualify for this.   
  • ·       No Glass containers
  • ·       If you are using jackstands, ramps or anything that could dig into the pavement, please place a piece of wood under the stand to protect the asphalt, boards are available in the SCCA truck to borrow.
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The calendar now shows the correct times and run/work order: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/calendar.html

The information page is now live: https://www.azbrscca.org/autocross/kino.html

Like Dan said, do not use Forgeus. There is no guarantee you will be able to access the paddock entrance this way.

You could technically use Bentley, but we'd prefer you didn't. If you're towing, it looks narrow on street view.

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Hey Guys, 

Thanks for putting on an awesome event yesterday at a great venue! I am excited to run there again next month and going forward.

I have a slight timing issue for yesterdays event that I mentioned to timing yesterday but did not get corrected. Who would be the best to reach out to? 

Issue: All of my times are actually Stephen Kings times and his times are mine. (Both Comp runs and TO).

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