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  1. Here's the direct link to the survey, I filled it out the other day. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SQK76H2
  2. Here's my 44.434 on my last of 6 tries...this run jumped me from 8th in class to 3rd. Definitely struggled staying off the cones and taking the favored line. It seemed like there wasn't a lot of places to make up time on this course, just plenty of places to loose time. Still a super fun day and a great way to cap off a great season. See y'all in the fall.
  3. Steve, I have replied to both of your emails asking the same questions...did you receive my emails? Lance
  4. Hello Racers, This is your friendly reminder that registration for our last event of the Spring 2024 series opens this Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm. http://msreg.com/PHXAZSolo2024Spring4 This will be a normal points event. As always we anticipate a rush to register and you may be allowed to initially pick a spot in a run group, but by the time you check out it may be sold out and you'll be waitlisted. I'll be watching live and will redirect your run group choice to an open group as quickly as I can and confirm your entry. Run Group C is always the first to sell out so maybe consider an alternative if you don't want to get waitlisted right off the bat. Good luck with the race to get into the races... Also, the Region is hosting a Social event at Ground Control Craft Food and Drink immediately after this event. The Region will provide the Food and Non Alcoholic drinks. Beer and other alcoholic drinks will be the responsibility of each person on their own. This link leads to the event which is to allow people to RSVP and pay for the banquet so that we can give the restaurant an accurate head count prior to the event. Admission to the Banquet for PASR members is $5 each and all non-members and guests of members $20 each, which is our cost. http://msreg.com/PASR2024SpringSocial Please come out and rehash the Spring series with us and enjoy a few moments with each other away from the track before the long off season starts. Thanks, Lance
  5. Got any heat cycled out 660s you need to dispose of? How about some almost used up Nankangs? I need at least 2 tires to make one more track day this spring. Thanks, Lance
  6. The pics with two cars in them are my favorites, but all of them are pretty good. Thanks for taking and sharing them Mike.
  7. 6 month old does need to register as a guest, parents will need to fill out a minor waiver for the child. https://www.azsolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/AMP-minor-waiver-new-2021.pdf
  8. I just went back to look and it appears we were down one Observer in Group D and the 2 Observers we did have were both not "normal" Observers. Add in that Danielle was training a new T&S person and it's understandable that the T&S tent was unusually busy and left no time to let Greg know he was DNFing. It sucks and hopefully we can learn from this and have a better plan going forward. If any of the 35 people that canceled their registrations the week of the event are wondering, this is a byproduct of what happens when we run short on experienced workers.
  9. That's BS! Far as I'm concerned it was his mistake and you fixed it!! 😉 That makes you just as good as Bucki and even better this month because you were there. 😄
  10. Danielle says she'll have the final results posted this afternoon...
  11. Huge thanks to everyone for dealing with a somewhat challenging day with grace and kindness, all the Chiefs rocked it and all the drivers/workers did their part as well to put on a great day of racing!! Here's my 44.747, 3rd run Group B still pretty damp. Super fun course...
  12. I'll ask MSR Support once again if this is still on the requested upgrade list. Last I heard they were very aware of the issue but had no hard plans to address recognizing the SCCA Digital Annual Waiver.
  13. https://philstireservice.com/product-category/competition-tires/nankang/
  14. Here's my 46.937, loved the course design Nick Sloan, so much fun! Car seemed to work great, love my RE71rs tires...all the driver had to do was hang on and not screw up.
  15. Here's my 121.924 I ran in the AM session. I tried something different Monday which seemed to work pretty well for me. I got to 3rd gear as quickly as I could and left it there the whole lap. I found the upshifting and downshifting was more of an upset to my car than a help, it pulled out of the corners well enough in 3rd and not worrying about clutching and shifting let me left foot brake and concentrate on line and maximum grip more. Anyway, enjoyed the day immensely hope you all did as well.
  16. I fixed the entry list to now show registered guests. If your wife's name isn't on the list as a guest, she needs to register as a guest before registration closes tomorrow. Any questions, shoot me an email at phoenixazsolo@gmail.com Lance
  17. Thanks to everyone for showing up and being respectful to our neighbors, you all are a great buncha folks. We ended up with only 2 pieces of pizza and 4 wings left over so it seems like the Streets of NY food was accepted nicely. Thanks to everyone that sampled our coffee and even more thanks to those that purchased a bag after, really appreciate that. Also have to give a shout out to Doug and Michelle that helped man the scales all day giving me a bit of a break to mingle around. I forgot to set the GoPro up and haven't tallied the tech sheets yet so have no idea how many we actually teched and weighed, but I'm guessing about 55 Techs, 25 weighs, and 5 corner balances. I didn't take many pics either but Terri grabbed a few, these were my favorites. Please share any that you may have taken if you can.
  18. I'd suggest the Bridgestone RE71RSs also but I don't want you to start raw timing me again... 😉
  19. Trailers are okay, will probably have to unload a block or so away. Main thing is to only park on one side of the streets to leave enough room for people to still get by.
  20. Super fun event yesterday, thanks to all of the drivers and guests for helping to make our events great. I know our Chiefs all work very hard to try to make things run smooth on race day, but it also takes patience and understanding from the attendees to ensure that everyone has a great time which all of you show as well. Thank You! The course was so much fun yesterday, it was interesting to see how everyone did by watching live timing and I can't wait to see some of the videos from the SPM class...they were hauling butt!! CAM T had a super tight battle and it came down to Juan's last run where he picked up almost a full second to best me by a couple of tenths, also taking the Fall Series Championship. Congrats Juan! Here's my 50.235 on my 4th run...pretty happy with the result but still noticed a few things to clean up that probably would have got me into the 49s.
  21. Cars can be left overnight at AMP, I left mine there overnight just a few weeks ago. No camping or people allowed overnight though.
  22. Myself and a LOT of my friends use Alex Larue for our classic car coverage. He is a classic car guy that understands us and how we use our cars. He's had me with Hagerty, Grundy and currently American Modern. Alex LaRue LaRue Insurance Inc. LaRue Classic Insurance Member of LaRue – Carey Insurance Group LLC (270) 358-3101 or (800) 303-3518 P O Box 119 201 S Lincoln Blvd. Hodgenville, KY 42748 Alex Larue <alex@laruecareyinsurance.com>
  23. There will be more official announcements coming shortly but I wanted you all to save the dates for now. Check them out here. https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/scca/phoenix-az-solo
  24. No, that is from an old event. Now each guest needs to have their own profile on MSR and register for the event just like a driver does. Guests that are PASR members can register Wednesday evening at 8 pm, those that are not PASR members can register Friday at 8 pm.
  25. Hello PASR members, It's that time once again, registration for our last event of the 2023 Fall series opens this Wednesday at 8:00 pm MST. http://msreg.com/PHXAZSolo2023Fall4 I've made a change that I'm hoping will help with the "race to get into the race" so to speak. I've turned the Edit Function back on which will let you edit your registration after it has been entered. This will allow you to go back in and make changes to your registrations such as Car, Class, PAX index add TOs, remove TOs and even Run Group changes if needed. I believe it will also let you go in and edit your registration that may get waitlisted to change to another run group that still has spots available. I want to try this for this event to see how it goes. If it works out okay, we'll leave this feature in for good. I will however turn off the edit function sometime during the week leading up to the event when I begin to make my final adjustments. Other than that change this will be just a normal points event. Any guests you plan to bring along will need to register for the event as a "Guest" on MSR as always once registration opens. If their name does not show on the guest list, they will not be allowed onsite. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks, Lance
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