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  1. You are not allowed to have severe windshield cracks. I personally don't feel 1 Crack is severe but I would suggest getting it replaced as soon as possible. I know the weather changing makes it very easy to get cracks and they never happen at an opportune time. I don't see anything specific about how bad a crack can be before failing tech. Best I can say is bring it and we can evaluate there but ultimately the safety steward has ruling over all.
  2. Leeann and I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped clean up the mess on and off the track after her little coolant spill. Also we wanted to say sorry! I promise it was a new hose that just burst! All seems good with the car and should be back together once the replacement hose arrives.
  3. Hey good people. I mistakenly put Leeann in AS ladies class when she started autocross and want to change her to CS ladies. Lance was awesome and changed it for this race but looks like it defaulted back to AS for this upcoming Friday event. Is there something I can do to change it permanently so I don't have to keep bothering the poor guy? Thanks!
  4. I also noticed down cones on a couple of my runs that I had to work around. Still had a great time and don't want to "complain" but with all being said it might need to be addressed as course should always be the same for all runs.
  5. Not much new with this car. Just got some more tuning done on the dyno so at least I know it should run as it should. lol
  6. Perfect. I didn't seem to see it. Thank you!
  7. Is there a way to print the parent waiver for a minor to ride along so I can take it with me to the event? Only one parent will be at the event so I need the other to sign it before hand. Thanks!
  8. I also don't see Larry Hart on there. He was C15 and should have been novice I believe. Thanks again.
  9. Is there any way to see all our times? I went in the 48's three times but it has my best as 49.7. I don't recall hitting cones on three runs. Also My girl got 50.9 but this shows 53.1 for her. Thanks.
  10. I don't see a women's group. Is that correct? Leeann should have been in a novice women's AS.
  11. I fill up the wagon on the way to the track every time just to prevent this. It wasn't meant to feed the big motor though so anything under half take it will starve under hard turns. lol I also like the extra weight in the back.
  12. Can someone point me to where the real time results are now? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  13. I'll be there with the wagon.
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