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  1. OK, so for 4.9L the min weight is 0.91*displacement+250lb or 2600lb, whatever is less. So 2600lbs. There are some added weights for wheels over 10" wide: Regardless of the weight formulas above no car may weigh less than 1350 lbs. or be required to weigh more than 2600 lbs. prior to addition of weight adjustments defined herein and in Section 17. Wheels greater than 10” wide up to 11” wide: .................................. +50 Wheels greater than 11” wide up to 12” wide: ................................ +100 Max allowed wheel width is 12" for DP. So, if you have 12" wide (or less) wheels and you weigh about 3200 lbs you should be fine for DP. If you have over 12" wide wheels, then it's XP.
  2. I think the XP vs DP is set by how much it weighs. The min weight for each class is calculated by engine displacement. What year M5 is this? I can't tell from the pictures. You'll almost certainly be above the min weight for XP, but maybe not DP.
  3. Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes August 11, 2022 Present: Lance H., Kei J., Morgan L., Matt U., Mat L., C. Borger, Kevin V., Faith H., Kim K., Chris G., Ben Z., Brian M., Nick S., Chris S., Steve E., Bill P., J. Rios (visitor) 1. Region Update: 183 members as of the meeting. National SCCA has conference call for small regions that Kim attended. Said it could be greatly improved because it was not really focused on small region’s needs. We should provide feedback. 2. Finances: Region income $2660. Overall total $2700 in the black this year so far. No money from tire rack so far. Tire rack only sends money once a threshold is passed. Need to find ways to increase traffic with those deals. 3. Equipment: Cones easy to get. SCCA national tried to work on deal with company in Wisconsin. Shipping is expensive. Would save if we could have a dock. Nick Sloan’s company has a dock that maybe we could use. Ben Z will count what we have and buy approximately 50% that many. We think that about half the cones need to be replaced. Found an adjustable table that goes up to 37” height. Found chairs of various heights. Need to actually go check to see if that table and compatible chairs Ben Z found will fit. Kim will ask AMP for fence height. Coordinate with Timing and Scoring before buying. Reg and timing and scoring will decide what sort of ez up they want, and if they want it. Our existing ez up may be missing. Need to find it. Lance says 10x20 ez up is best. Need to make sure we get adequate weights. 4. Off duty police for fall series: Law Enforcement Specialists is under contract, but they will not recruit a specific officer for us until after Sept. 1. Brian has a backup company that is $5 per hour more and will schedule a person right away. Kevin says we should stick with the plan. If they don’t show up, we can switch after that. But company seems to be very reliable and well regarded, so they should work. 5. Plans for September event: Lance plans to keep doing early reg and preferred positions for key workers. Will continue to not do onsite reg. Lance will send a reminder email about format. Schedule will be as we had presented in previous meetings. Want to get food vendor. Could use Morgan’s Australian meat pie food truck, or Pat’s hot dogs. Morgan will ask his co-owners. Chiefs checking on their teams to be sure the event will run smoothly. Will Underhill be back? Yes. He says he will. Need to add disclaimer to driver’s meeting about timing and scoring for TOs. Time goes with car, timing will not pay attention to car swapping. Timing quality may be lower quality than for comp runs. 6. November two day event plans: Proposal to do a 2 day event a'la “two days of awesome”. Run like a national event. 2nd day would count for our points series. But would also calculate a two day score for people who participate in both days. Vote to do this with Bucki and Lee as co chairs. Unanimous yes. 7. Goody Store: Payment system set up for goodie store. Placed a test order to be sure everything comes through properly. Will be ready to turn on once that is verified. Will put thread on SC forum once it's ready to decide how to proceed with items and pricing. 8. MLK weekend track event: Jan 15 Sunday regular event, Jan 16 MLK day for track event. Have run events on road course before. Nick says he will do the course map, but would like to have an example if the previous map could be found. Kenny M. said he would consider being the event chair if Lance would help. Elliot has old course design map. Elliot will send it. 9. New sites update: Brian looking into airports for summer events but also tried local airports. None worked. Also have calls into other facilities but no response yet. Maybe Honeywell in northern phoenix. 10. Awards and banquet: Shirts for fall 21, flashlights for spring 22. Will send quotes to Steve to buy since everyone was OK with it. Banquet after December event. Club will pay for people’s food and NA beverages. People responsible for their own booze. Try to arrange limited menu or fixed price per person. Lance will look into setting up registration for banquet for RSVP, and to offer tickets for guests at cost. CG will set up details. 11. Plans for spring series format: After 2nd November event, we will ask people what their opinion is on split session (am/pm) vs all day event format. Both in person at event and as a poll on the forum for actual club members. But also need to factor in what we think so that the events run best. Should decide at next SC meeting. Which should be Dec 1 so that we can have 3 events (one two day) before we decide. Vote to decide at next meeting passed unanimously. 12. Summer 2023 event up north: White mountain lake airport for summer event. $1k per day, $1k damage deposit. Need portapotties or need to rent pilot’s club for $200 more. Dates? June or July for good weather. Two day event? SC is interested. Brian and Steve will look into this more. 13. Chief of Course updates: Nick says he will continue to be Chief of course through this series. Bill P. will be assistant for now. Nick wants to get Bill up to speed first. Nick wants to revisit at next meeting. 14. The next SC meeting will be Thursday December 1. Other business: Nick suggested people have shirts that people who help run the event wear to events to novices know who to talk to. Everyone but one person voted yes so we’ll try it. Morgan will design a shirt and get it made through the goodie store.
  4. I do not think you are legal for SM. SM allows limited interior removal, like the removal of the back seat. You can’t gut the car. Since you still have the original motor, the best bet is probably D prepared. Prepared class is for fully race prepared cars which because of the interior yours is. Prepared does not allow engine swaps in a way as extreme as SM, but does allow the motor to be completely built.
  5. Hello everyone, We would like to invite any members of the Phoenix AZ Solo Region to attend the upcoming steering committee meeting at 6pm on Thursday, August 11. Because we have a very full meeting agenda, we do have some ground rules for attendance: You must contact me (Chris Groppi) by PM to obtain the zoom link. We will not publicly distribute the link on the forum. Attendance is limited to members of the Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA region 117. We ask that you attend as a listener. Our meeting agenda is full, so time for discussion of items not on the agenda is not possible. If you have a specific topic you would like to bring up, please let me know and we can consider adding it to the agenda. If time is not available for this SC meeting, we can include your request in the agenda for the next SC meeting. We are attempting to hold SC meetings every two months.
  6. I think actually the car is legal for STU as well. The engine and transmission tune are legal there.
  7. Any recommendations for a car detailer, either mobile or not? The quality is slipping on the guy I have been using. -Chris
  8. Here was my best, a 44.915. Still lots of time left on the table based on how far off some key cones I was, especially in the northeast sweeper in the second half of the course.
  9. I have heard that both the Continental and the new Bridgestones are more optimized towards the track. Able to withstand higher temps and last longer, but at the expense of peak grip. So maybe not as good for autocross as the Yoks and Falkens. But I don't know anyone personally who has verified this.
  10. There will be 6 run groups. 4 competition and 2 time only. Each will have a max of 38 drivers. So the spots for comp runs are the same as we have now, plus two more run groups for time only. You work one group for each group you run. Usually it’s a/c, b/d and e/f. If you do not elect to do time only you can leave after you work and run for the comp runs. If you stay for time only you run and work one more time. Our region has done all of our events for almost 20 years this way. We only switched to the half day events to get around COVID event size limits in 2020.
  11. I wish you had these for sale before I placed my order with Strano. My new ones are almost done.
  12. I've been happy with Classic Gold in Tempe. They put the 3.90 ring and pinion in my rear diff. I'm assuming they can also handle transmission work. They were recommended to be by Ben Zukowski.
  13. We expect 4 runs per run group typically, including for time onlys. If we're running slow, we'd reduce the TOs to 3 before we reduced the competition runs. So if you actually stay the whole day and do time onlys you will get 7-8 runs. If you only stay for half the day you'd get 4.
  14. Yes, we are changing back to full day events with time onlys for the Fall series pending solving the security officer isse. If we have over 100 people on site at a time, we need to hire an off duty police officer as a security person. We are working on this now for the Fall.
  15. Phoenix AZ Solo Region Steering Committee Meeting Minutes March 31, 2022 Present: Lance H., Mat L., Kevin V., Todd H., Kim K., Chris G., Chris S. , Steve E., Ben Z., Brian M. 1. 157 members. A few people who joined were interested in road racing but then left. 2. Kevin described new club structure with Board overseeing SC. Proposed SC positions (both voting and assistant non-voting). Propose to carry over SC membership as we have now and propose to board to approve. Vote 8 yes, 1 no. 3. Equipment expense has cancelled out our profit. We still have plenty of bux in the account. 4. Purchased a used Honda generator from PCA for a good deal. Need new EZ Ups. Ben Z will work with Todd to arrange. Can set up timing on the other side of the fence to improve visibility. Need to notify Nick to be sure it’s considered in course design. Need to identify a new vendor for cones that we can depend on, so we can keep getting the same cones from the same source. Should also get car dollies in case there’s another breakdown. Want to have a system where expenses below $100 for chiefs are automatically approved, expenses over $100 require treasurer approval. 5. Propose to continue early reg for PASR members. But challenge for MSR, since it doesn’t pass through what region a person is a member of. Lance has a plan to make it work more easily. Will open reg early by email, since he has a list of emails. People who try to register early who aren’t members will get an error. Should we require region of record, or any member (people who are members of multiple regions). 6. 72 was probably the max we could handle in terms of market and running the event. Course design might have been non-optimal for a T&T event. We had to make a lot of adjustments. Kenny M. Did a great job. Many Thanks! 7. Get organized early, because we know we will be short on people because of national events and LS Fest. 8. Lance wants input on schedule for Fall, since it’s a new format. Want to come up with methods to increase efficiency before event starts because we have to get 140 people ready in the morning rather than have it split up. Early open of reg and tech, schedule early close to get people to get moving (but leave time to go long if we need to). Still aim to start as close to 8 as we can. Do sound after driver’s meeting. 9. Will we have access to sound testing? We haven’t had it for a long time. Could have PCA event on April 30 be a sound test day. 10. Morgan is working on the goodie store. Still trying to solve the tax issue. We need a solution that ensures we don’t have to handle sales tax. That isn’t worth the trouble. Steve E. Is ok with a solution that doesn’t require sales tax to be handled by the club. 11. No updates on track update. Still plan to hold the event on MLK weekend. Kim has brought Nick on a golf cart ride around the track for course design purposes. Has also reached out to the DSSS, but hasn’t gotten a response yet. 12. No updates thus far. Large parking lot by WHP? PIR again? Cardinals stadium again? 13. Banquet in the beginning of fall series in September or October depending on Sat vs Sun. Plan to have it right after event, preferably at Ground Control. This will allow more people to attend because of full day events in the Fall series, and will allow awards to be ready to present at the banquet. 14. When to have next meeting? August 4, 11 or 18 for meeting, to be ready before Aug 31 registration for first fall event.
  16. I need to replace the windshield on my Cadillac, but it will be an out of pocket repair not on my car insurance. Anyone have any good glass companies they could recommend that won't gouge me?
  17. I run my c6 z06 in cam-s. I have 315/35R18 falken rt660s front and back. They’re on 18x10s in the front and 18x13s in the back, but those are the wheels that came with the car when I bought it. Fronts are too narrow and rears too wide. I have 18x11s for the front and 18x12s for the back on order. The other good tire is the Yokohama A052. It costs more but has a bit more grip. I also have 3 degrees of negative camber in the front, about 1.8 degrees of negative camber in the rear. You can get that much or more without any mods. You just need to remove some of the upper a arm shims. I run them at about 30psi. However, if you’re new to autocross I’d suggest not messing with too much other than alignment (meaning more camber). Stick with what you have and drive for a year. Then mess with the car. The suggestions about setting tire pressure with the chalk are good ones. In general lower pressures will give you more grip and make the car more forgiving. And if you have more negative camber you can run lower pressure. So you get a double win: grip from the camber and grip from the lower pressure.
  18. PASR SC Meeting Notes January 27, 2022 1. 116 members, SCCA merch website operational. Run by SCCA national, club doesn’t get any money from it. SC should come up with ideas to encourage PASR membership. Publicize how to change and make sure people pay attention to their auto renewal, which will auto renew both regions unless you change it. Maybe limit choice of best worker positions to PASR members, not just SCCA members? 2. Finances still going in the positive direction. New accounts for new region created and money moved over. 3. Test and tune event discussion: 18 people working per shift plus 2 admin. Work assignment lasts 1 hour. Event lasts 5 hours. So need 100 people including 10 admin people (90 actual people). Maybe have run groups rather than one big group? BP says Cal club does it that way and it works well and is efficient. Vote: unanimous yes to allow Kenny to organize event as he sees fit. 4. New timing light console: vote buy it 5. Just update on photo of passenger holding camera: was novice co-driving situation, missed that they were not allowed to do that. Kim talked with both drivers and the photographer. Photographer will look for future problems to make us aware. 6. Overall, registration is going well. Issues with people not doing speedwaiver in advance. We shouldn’t help them. Just give them a direction sheet and have them do it. If they don’t do it we don’t let them in. If they sneak in, we throw them out. 7. Still working through issues with Verizon hotspot. It’s a pain. Used backups with people and their phone. Talking to other clubs about pronto software. We have custom. But maybe a commercial solution would be better. 8. Steve E fixed the tirerack link business. Had to use Ben C’s account, but Steve fixed that problem so now PASR is added and we’re good. Morgan will add to forum and make more obvious on the homepage. 9. CG will send current SC member list to Morgan, Kim and Kevin. Kevin and Kim to provide input and Morgan will make changes to both website and forum. 10. Goodie store: Taxes now handled by vendor by law, so we can set that back up. ML will work on it. 11. Track event for 2023: Not too much has happened. But it is on the AMP calendar. We have plenty of time to work out the details. Idea is MLK day 2023. 12. Other site exploration: Not many options. Firebird wants almost $6k per day. https://forum.azsolo.com/index.php?/topic/2556-site-exploration/#comment-6822 13. Car numbering proposal: Steve said he would withdraw the proposal. There isn’t enough detail yet to proceed. Jason Bucki said he would work on a proposal. a. Not on agenda: need to find worker chief backup for Matt U for March and April. Nick S. said he might help. 14. Bring back the banquet? CG should look into it. Maybe Ground Control? Come up with a plan and post on SC forum. Vote at next SC meeting before end of series. 15. We have a cleanup kit. Will announce that people are required to clean up after themselves if they have a failure. We provide cleaning supplies. 16. Brian P presented proposal to have TOs brought back: 4 comp run group plus 2 TO run groups. We voted yes unanimously pending details of security and financial review for the full Fall 22 season. Brian M and Steve E will work on these details. We will proceed with the plan unless their work discovers issues that require further discussion. 17. Supplemental rules were found. Kim had posted updated version of the rules on the SC forum. Decision made to post them on website and if any further edits are needed, will modify them as needed. Unanimous yes.
  19. Hello everyone, We would like to invite any members of the new Phoenix AZ Solo Region to attend the upcoming steering committee meeting at 6pm on Thursday, January 27. Because we have a very full meeting agenda, we do have some ground rules for attendance: You must contact me (Chris Groppi) by PM to obtain the zoom link. We will not publicly distribute the link on the forum. Attendance is limited to members of the Phoenix AZ Solo SCCA region 117. We ask that you attend as a listener. Our meeting agenda is full, so time for discussion of items not on the agenda is not possible. If you have a specific topic you would like to bring up, please let me know and we can consider adding it to the agenda. If time is not available for this SC meeting, we can include your request in the agenda for the next SC meeting. We are attempting to hold SC meetings every two months. Thank you,
  20. It’s the one on the left marzlevane. You don’t want your main spurving bearings to be misaligned, otherwise the side fumbling will kill you.
  21. I used Dent Vanish a few years ago and was happy with the results. https://g.page/DentVanishAZ?share
  22. For those looking (like me) the speed waiver link is NOT in your event receipt email. You need to go to the receipt on the motorsports reg website or click on the “For a complete receipt, click here” link in the email.
  23. November 18 2021 Phoenix AZ Solo Meeting Minutes 6:00pm AZ time Present: Chris Groppi, Kevin Venisnik, Kim Kemper, Ben Zukowski, Brian Miller, Jason Bucki, Kei Josephson, Mat Leon, Morgan Lee, Nick Sloan, Steve Eymann, Tim Bergstrom, Faith Hare, Lance Hamilton Not Present: Chris Steele, Matt Underhill, Steve Ashcraft, Craig Borger, Dave Hurt, Josh Johnston, Jonathan Herold Should Jonathan Herold and Dave Hurt still be on the list? Vote to add Mat Leon as registration, Lance as pre-registration (one voting position). Unanimous yes. Need to get new assistant tech person. Financials – Steve E. First 6 months lost $4k, but had to buy helmets for $1k. Loss was expected Second 6 months so far, in the black by $600. As long as our participation stays up (130-140), we will remain in the black. Bank balance relatively flat at about $26k. New region update – Kim 53 members SC members need to provide primary and secondary run group preference for pre-registration. Email in MSR needs to be one you actually check. Because that’s how we’ll communicate back with people. Onsite registration for waitlisted people? Or do what we did last time and reduce visitor numbers and add more drivers a couple of days in advance. Proposals of 40 or 38 drivers and 20-22 visitors. Allow registration to work it out with this general guidance. Tech process updates Switched much stuff over to MSR for last event, and it worked well. Custom app by Dave Hurt still used by tech. Caused problems in afternoon because tech workers couldn’t access app. New idea: use preprinted labels with car numbers and info on sticker to put on windshield. All tech needs to do is mark sticker. Registration handles wristbands, gives sticker to driver. Driver puts sticker on windshield and brings to tech. When a car is approved, they mark the sticker somehow. Registration pre marks stickers for annual tech people. Call for vote: unanimous yes Car numbering proposal Requirement to have car numbers on all cars: either driver provided numbers or painters tape numbers with club provided tape. Is the added complexity worth it? The car number and the grid number doesn’t necessarily need to be the same. Some people don’t like the idea of putting numbers on the car: scratches etc. Non steel cars need vinyl numbers or tape. Table and return later New schedule idea: start afternoon earlier at 11:30, end morning at 11:30. Afternoon first car out still 1pm, but people can come in earlier. Aim to end at 4:30. Everyone likes this new schedule and we’ll do it in December. But, start novice course walk later. Don’t need 40 minutes for novice walk. Timing and scoring: Jason is changing a bunch of stuff to make timing and scoring more reliable and easier to work without Jason doing It himself. Website and logo changes – website updated. Logo and other rebranding also needed. Morgan is a graphic designer and will come up with some options. Real name in profile or signature. Any way to enforce? Kim will police and send PMs to people who don’t do it. Morgan will look into getting goodie store going. Sales tax issue with previous Dave Hurt based system. Morgan thinks this shouldn’t be a problem and will look into it to fix it. Track/skidpad weekend discussion. Brian M wants to know if there’s enough interest to pursue it further to work out the details. The idea is for January 2023. Sunday normal autocross day before MLK day, track event on MLK day. Also suggestion to do a “two days of awesome” style event. Everyone in favor of pursuing this idea. Add discussion of other special events to future agenda items. Important to work on other site possibilities. Looking into mesa training facility, and PIR. Should we invite general membership to SC meetings? Advertise to general membership, but have to request zoom link from Chris G. by email. Need to be Phx AZ Solo region member to attend. People vote yes except Brian Miller and Steve Eymann Next meeting: Thursday Jan 20 or 27 – forum post to ask for what date is best. Jan 27 chosen for meeting date.
  24. cgroppi


    Anyone have a carfax account and would be willing to run a report for me?
  25. Due to the amazon fit check tool being wrong for my bike, I have two motorcycle batteries that don't fit. Amazon refunded my money but said I get to keep them. Free to a good home. I can bring them to the next event or you can come get them at my house in central phoenix. One is a YTX-12BS, the other is a YTX-14BS., both sealed AGM. Both are cheap chinese batteries, not fancy name brand ones. But they're both brand new and free. Turns out I need a YTX-12B-BS. Which is different.
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