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So as some of you may be aware, I hurt the engine in Barney at a AMP Track day last March.  I was fortunate enough stop when I did as I'm pretty sure one more lap would have left me with a pile of useless parts.  Here is the #4 piston which had a crack all the way around both ends of the wrist pin and all of the rings were broken in several spots.






My indication that something was amiss was a little bit of smoke in the cabin from a misplaced valve cover breather (blow-by past the rings blew the breather off).  Pretty certain that a headbolt was a touch loose letting the headgasket fail just a bit letting combustion into the cooling system or letting coolant into the cylinder depending on condition.  There was sign of coolant in the chamber and the edge of the piston had just started to melt away.


I literally could have just stuck a replacement piston in the hole, put it all back together and it would have been "okay" but I just couldn't bring myself to do that.

After a lot of consternation and shopping, I decided the awesome Holley EFI top end deserved a bottom end that would stand up to it, so I spec'd out new 2618 Alloy forged pistons and H beam rods to go back in the refreshed long block. 




Then with an assist from Mat and Ray found a local guy to do the machine work and reassembly.  Rich Moffit did a fantastic job putting it all back together, finding numerous mistakes the last builder made and corrected them as well as perfectly balancing the whole new rotating assembly.  I've had the engine back in the car since July and am loving how smooth it revs and the power it makes.  Can't wait to see how it does on course.




I have to say, it's pretty dang nice to be able to just paste a link to a picture or video in the text box and have it automatically show up.  That's pretty cool...

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