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CAM-S Corvette Tires & Pressure


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I have just started driving a C6 Z06.

I have fresh Goodyear F1s. Stock size 275 front & 325 rear. I am not getting a good indication as to when I am about to lose grip, especially true coming out of a corner.

Looking to see what other Corvette's are using for tires & tire pressure.



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Real old school method shown to me by some of the veteran Auto X guys. Get yourself a good tire crayon and mark your sidewall near the wear bar triangle. Your goal is to get the crayon mark to wear down to the top of the triangle. Start your tire pressure around 30 psi or so and adjust accordingly. Not an exact science but gets you in the ballpark. You don't need to wait until the next event, try it during your next Z06 "therapy session".



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I run my c6 z06 in cam-s. I have 315/35R18 falken rt660s front and back. They’re on 18x10s in the front and 18x13s in the back, but those are the wheels that came with the car when I bought it. Fronts are too narrow and rears too wide. I have 18x11s for the front and 18x12s for the back on order. The other good tire is the Yokohama A052. It costs more but has a bit more grip. 

I also have 3 degrees of negative camber in the front, about 1.8 degrees of negative camber in the rear. You can get that much or more without any mods. You just need to remove some of the upper a arm shims. 

I run them at about 30psi. 

However, if you’re new to autocross I’d suggest not messing with too much other than alignment (meaning more camber). Stick with what you have and drive for a year. Then mess with the car. The suggestions about setting tire pressure with the chalk are good ones. In general lower pressures will give you more grip and make the car more forgiving. And if you have more negative camber you can run lower pressure. So you get a double win: grip from the camber and grip from the lower pressure. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I previously drove a '66 Mustang in CAM-T. I probably had 10 events on it so I honestly still feel like a novice.

I used the chalk method on the Mustang and kept a log of air pressure and tire temps. I played with camber, caster and toe on the Mustang. I ended up getting it where I was happy with the performance. 

The Corvette is very different than the Mustang.

The Corvette was an opportunity too good to turn down.

With the Corvette I don't have triangles, I have Goodyear wings! See the pic.

I went down to 19 psi in January and still did not reach the "triangle".

This last session I ran 25 psi then kept the pressure at 23 psi. 23 felt about the same as 19 both being better than 25.

The car is in CAM-S because it has a Lingenfelter GT21 cam with CAI, long tube headers and Corsa exhaust. I don't know who did the tune but it def pulls hard, while getting 25.5 mpg on the drive to AMP.

Car was in my family for last 10 years but rarely driven. It only has 15k miles.

Tires are new (300 miles) but next round I plan to investigate 18 inch wheels as the tire selection looks to be much better.

I will play with camber a bit. Increasing negative camber on the Mustang was helpful as were the RE-71Rs!




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