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Double checking my Classing

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On 1/1/2021 at 10:01 PM, Angelo24 said:

I will be bringing my recently purchased 2005 Lotus Elise to the January event! I believe i have it correctly classed as A-street Prepared, as it has an aftermarket rear spoiler, and I *think* a catback exhaust. What do you guys think?

OK, here’s more context for you, as you learn the nuances of SCCA Classing....

Note that Street Classes (i.e., Stock) allow a cat-back exhaust. So only your rear spoiler is technically illegal for Street. Do you like it that much? 😉 Your Street Class is A Street BTW.

If you decide to keep it, then you’re “not Street”. On to the modified options.

Note that the Street Prepared Classes also allow the racing “R” tires, in addition to MANY other allowed modifications. Many. SSP is the correct choice there.

But, as Jeff suggests, SCCA has added some new options, XSA and XSB. They too allow MANY performance options, but limit the cars to Street “200” treadwear tires. 

So, you have some decisions to ponder. If you’re out just for having fun with your car, and don't really care about placing well in Class, and just want to play with your car, one of the XS Classes (read those rules for which) is a better choice for you.. But if you’re planning on developing your car to be competitive in a chosen Class, the Street classes are the least expensive pathway by a bunch.

Download a copy of the SCCA Solo Rules, and start reading about which options are allowed in each Class. Adding just a spoiler then also allows (requires?) you to add things like suspension, headers, sway bars, intakes, tunes, wider wheels and more.

Hope this helps.

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