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  1. These are listed under the event calendar for the Sept. 19th but thought we could post them here. Tip. Once you do speed waiver, take a screen shot of it and save to phone. Just easier than finding the text message later with the link the morning of. Only guest that are with drivers can sign a speed waiver. Limit two guest. Speed Waiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/jtvrm Amp Waiver: https://dl.motorsportreg.com/e1f75bad-61be-41e9-b98d-7359a6d73
  2. I too hate wearing the mask( which is still required), and don't like not being able to invite friends out. But I think since there is only two months left why take the chance and keep it the same. When we resume in September most everyone should be vaccinated and hopefully back to some what normal. I also like the short days but also miss TO's and I'm sure the club losing money not doing TO's. Definitely think we should keep the registration and waiver processes as much as possible, much easier and faster for everyone involved. Less paper work
  3. https://www.thehelmetcenter.com/
  4. 2021 SCCA Solo Helmet Certification Labels - SCCA Solo Discussion - AZSolo
  5. Tip: once you do your speed waiver, Screen shot your picture. Easier to pull up on your phone than having to search for the link. Just make sure you do a new one, they are dated for each event.
  6. This is my best raw time 52.089 but coned in the slalom. I think I hit the third cone. So frustrating that I couldn't keep it clean. Went from 1st to 4th in DS for the day. Still so much fun though! https://youtu.be/gOSOzHOZNog
  7. On the home forum page to the right side is a calendar of up coming events. Also near the top of any forum page is a calendar tab that you can click through the up coming months and see what is scheduled.
  8. Wow 6 minutes in and B group is full. That was fast.
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