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  1. Bucking the national trend of closing tracks near large metro areas this is fantastic news. Let's hope Radford does a thorough restoration of the facility as it's getting a bit "long in the tooth". Maybe then a few SCCA Auto X dates in addition to AMP would be fun. No sound limits or attendance restrictions.
  2. I have Grundy for my collectibles. Very reasonable with agreed value and no mileage restrictions. I've never had to make a claim but my Father had to get a flatbed ride for his hobby car. They reimbursed him with no drama or stress. I have heard good things about Haggerty also. Glad you got your Mustang repaired. I nearly plowed into a few Javelinas one evening in my '71 Olds. Made me realize it's time for a brake upgrade!
  3. Wow, only 5 psi! I've got the Canton 3 qt unit on my LS3 powered C5 Z06 and I run it pretty hard in HPDE. I don't data log but I'm unaware of any oil press issues. I'm assuming that you're running that beautiful Chevelle in your profile. Are you LS powered? The Canton system is pretty good but make sure you're not masking an underlining problem. I know some of you folks can really make your vehicles dance on the Auto X course but it's for such a short time I wouldn't think that oil press would drop to the level you mentioned.
  4. Had a chance to run the C5 track toy at Atessa this past weekend w/Pro Auto. That track is a blast! Plenty of good twisties and LONG straights for some high speed (over 130mph) runs. A bit of a haul from my East Valley location but worth it. If you're into HPDE put this track on your list, you won't be disappointed.
  5. Going to take my track C5 Z06 to Forza for an aggressive alignment. Any Tech in particular to ask for or are they all good? TIA.
  6. Real old school method shown to me by some of the veteran Auto X guys. Get yourself a good tire crayon and mark your sidewall near the wear bar triangle. Your goal is to get the crayon mark to wear down to the top of the triangle. Start your tire pressure around 30 psi or so and adjust accordingly. Not an exact science but gets you in the ballpark. You don't need to wait until the next event, try it during your next Z06 "therapy session".
  7. +1 for We Don't Lift. Robbie has helped me a lot with info on safety equipment. Even talked me out of buying things I didn't need. Great customer service.
  8. I made my assumption based upon the AMP capacity and security agreements discussed in this forum. If you're participating in the afternoon sessions you're not allowed to be on the premises during the morning sessions. True, contacting Lance would be a good idea but may be a bit difficult at the last minute.
  9. I'm not one of the organizers but I do know we are still on the A/B and C/D format. Safe to say if you're running D you're working C.
  10. Looks pretty darn good! Already getting excited! Just what I needed at midnight, a good adrenaline rush.
  11. 140, Very impressive! This is on my radar for December. All that speed and no Johnny Law in the rear view mirror!
  12. Maybe if the demand is there (and it appears to be) more 2 day events could be considered. Set it up so if you participate on Saturday you don't run on Sunday OR you're at the bottom of the list for the Sunday event. I personally like the cap on racers as it is, and as mentioned logistics become a concern.
  13. There's a new facility going up West of Casa Grande. Atessa is supposed to be a darn near utopian facility for auto enthusiasts. Might be an option for the long haul since they are zoned for auto competition according to their internet propaganda.
  14. To my knowledge not much will be happening in the Phoenix area until the fall. Your best bet is to check out the two events in the Tucson area, Marana and Musselman. Just like going to a car show but with action! Talk to drivers and get info. Easy to get hooked! Watch the classifieds on this forum for vehicles. You don't need a huge coin purse to go Autocrossing.
  15. I too am a novice. While I'm always considerate of others in my hobby I have participated in the last to events. I have been welcomed by the vets and everyone has been very courteous and helpful steering me in the correct direction. My advice would be to sign up for the April event and engage in the drivers meeting discussion. The folks in charge were asking what direction we, the drivers, wanted to go as far as run groups, morning and afternoon sessions etc. Nice to be able to give input. This virus situation has really screwed up our hobby (among other things) and I'm personally grateful this venue has remained viable but I think once we get to the Fall season things will start to improve.
  16. Ok, gonna bombard you with some rookie questions. Is there a way I can find out my results from each run? I found the definition/formula for PAX but I see a "Fast Time". Is that an average or a best? How do I know if I hit a cone and got a +1? During the event what is the best way to find out my recent run result without going up to the score table, I don't want to distract them from their duties. TIA, Tom N., '15 Z/28. AS.
  17. Thanks for the clarification. Looks like a fun and challenging course layout.
  18. Noticed the worker stations are numbered 1,6,5,4,3,2. We'll be starting on the East (by the restrooms) and finishing on the West correct?
  19. I see on the AMP calendar there is another activity on the road course. No sound check? I ran last month on the "provisional" status with no problem.
  20. All signed up. Working "A" and running "B. What is the procedure for the sound check?
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