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Just a note to explain how MSR’s waitlist system works and how it pertains to you when your registration has been waitlisted for any reason.

First, let’s look at why your registration may be waitlisted.  During registration, if you choose a run group that has already had the maximum number of drivers register for, your entry will go on the waitlist.  If you choose a work assignment that has already had the maximum number of workers register for, your entry will also go on the waitlist.

Once your registration goes on the waitlist, only an Organizer of the event can move your registration off of the waitlist.  If you go back in and edit the registration, the changes will be saved, but you will remain on the waitlist until an Organizer moves it manually.  You can completely cancel the registration and start over, but you will lose your place in line if you do.  Entries on the waitlist are sorted by the initial registration date and time and are dealt with in order, first come first served.

Typically what an Organizer will do is review each entry on the waitlist to determine why it was waitlisted, then contact the entrant via email to give options to move the entry off of the waitlist.  These options typically are moving to a different run group or possibly just a change of work assignment.

If an entry is placed on the waitlist just because of an oversold work assignment, MSR will save a place in the run group for that driver.  An organizer can then adjust the work assignment to one that is available and enter the driver in the preferred run group. 

Work assignments with limits include Starter, Grid, Announcer and Observers, Course is unlimited.  Other work assignments are those essential to make sure the event runs smooth such as Course Setup, Equipment Setup, Registration, Tech, Timing and Scoring, Solo Safety Stewards and Waivers. 

Drivers that volunteer to regularly work these essential types of work assignments are given the opportunity for pre-registration which can mean run group preference and avoiding the 8 pm Friday evening rush to get registered.  If any driver is interested in volunteering to work these types of essential work assignments regularly, please get in touch with the Chiefs of said groups.  Staffing the events ahead of registration opening makes the entire event run more smoothly which ultimately means more runs for everyone. 

If you have any questions, just ask away.  Hopefully this helps to explain the process a bit better and avoid confusion.




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A big thanks to Lance for all his work handling both online registration and working Tech at the events.  Registration can be a tough assignment as you have to deal with people who are sometimes disappointed that cannot get their run group preference, work preference or the like.

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5 minutes ago, loudes13 said:

I was just waitlisted because I choose announcer as my work assignment. I reregistered as course and it was fine. 

I suggest assigning these limited assignments after the fact to avoid wait listing people inadvertently. 

Sounds like you made it work just as I described above.  

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2 minutes ago, smeyers said:

If a chosen worker position is filled, since there's only one of most of them, the system should default those to "Course" rather than the Waitlist. Would solve a lot of problems.

I'll ask MSR if there is a way to do that and if so, make it happen.

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8 hours ago, Mach5Mk5 said:

I just had to make a change on my registration to remove 2 guests, but it used the same process as if I signed up all over again (but didn't charge me again). Do I still have my same spot in line? It seemed to go through fine, and I was in the first 73 or so people.

You are confirmed in Group C...

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Going through some of the current registration there are some cars that need to be moved to the appropriate classes (pending if they aren't waitlisted of course):

Marchell Fletcher: 2019 Miata ES - should be CS

Mingzhe Liu: 2015 Ford Fiesta ST FS - should be HS

Ao Li: 2018 Honda Civic Type R  STU - should be in STU

Yue Zhao 2018 Honda Accord STS - should be in STH

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Classing corrections happen after the preregistration process.  On-site registration will catch some of those but the I believe most corrections happen as part of the post event results posting process.

Regarding work assignments leading you to be waitlisted, it is my understanding that MSR will show the work position as full/waitlisted in the registration page.  At that point one should select an open position if they’d rather have that work position vs the one that is already filled.  Also, keep in mind work assignments are not guaranteed as sometimes event logistics require us to adjust that.  
 We are still adapting to differences in MSR vs our previous MTC based systems.  Ultimately our goal is a process that enables smooth event operations while being as fair as possible considering limited supply vs demand.  Lance has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to enhance the process and I can’t express enough appreciation to all the people that are working and have been working registration.  It is a very demanding assignment to balance what is needed to run a successful event and still be as accommodating and fair to all.

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On 10/29/2021 at 9:21 PM, smeyers said:

For future reference, should I try to edit my run group, and find my new choice full, do I get to keep my existing first choice? Or lose my place in line? In other words, is editing safe?

I worry about stuff like that.😉

So even if your chosen work assignment is sold out by the time you save your registration, MSR saves your run group choice for you while your entry goes on the waitlist.  The same happens when you go back to edit a registration.  This is actually a good work around for this issue...register for your preferred run group and choose course as work assignment to get in your run group,, then go back in to edit registration and see if your preferred work assignment is available and choose it then.

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