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Track-day car advice: What do you do when Miata isn't the answer?

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I was thinking of getting another car just for track days. I love my Miata, but I can’t really crumple myself into it for more than an hour journey. So going to AMP and wild horse pass and Attesa is fine. But chuckwalla, musselman, indie etc are too far to drive a car my 6’3”body barely fits into. So if anyone has suggestions for a track car that’s ideally:


1) Under $10k and has relatively inexpensive expendable parts (brakes/tires etc).

2) Can fit my tall self, with a helmet semi-comfortably ( I don’t mind if some custom seat/seat rails are needed to make that happen).

3) has factory cruse control as an option.

4) Semi-reliable and relatively easy to work on when I do break something.

5) I don’t mind if it’s slow as long as it’s fun.

I’m currently thinking about eg civics, early mini S’s, 350z, E36s, but I’m sure that list is too short. Suggestions are welcome. 

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I don't know if there is much that is track worthy in that price range, but you may want to look for a car that is already built.    Cooling mods - water and oil, and brake mods are really important out on the tracks.     I can still only get one fast lap out of my Vette at this point and my S2000 overheats the rear brakes at some point in the day - it really is much harder on the car than autocross and not necessarily cheap to fix.

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350Z Track Edition checks all 5 of your boxes.  I sold my STU 350z in 2021 for 10k; so current pricing may not work for you.  It was the Track Edition with big factory Brembos and it worked well on track - granted I didn't do too many track days. 


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An older BRZ/FRS may be a good option.  Great car, but maybe a bit higher dollar unless you are buying a restored title.  But, if I were going for a low dollar car I would be looking at an 350/370Z for road course driving.  Or, a trailer for you Miata since it is always the answer.  

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So... I ended up buying a second miata... I know... But it's getting a floor drop so that I can fit under the rollbar and be more comfortable driving longer distances... If anyone has any fun race parts that fit a miata let me know. 

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