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  1. undefined.mp4 Please do not replicate my poor hand positioning - it is something I need to work on. Run 5 - 44.3
  2. The new Real Time results are excellent, much better than the Python based text files that used to be uploaded every 10 runs 😆
  3. Latest PAX numbers can be found here: https://www.solotime.info/pax/
  4. If it isn't yet in the dropdown on registration I believe Timing and Scoring can add it in on their end. I would run in whatever class gave me the best chance at placing well and that means looking for the class with the lower PAX factor.
  5. When my C6 Grand Sport was stock it passed sound easily.
  6. Assuming you are running on street tires you would probably want to sign up for XSA or XSB depending on the weight of your car. https://www.scca.com/articles/2013398-new-class-released-for-scca-solo-competition
  7. The list is missing CAM and XS classes which are likely to be far more subscribed than the Hoosier based classes so I wouldn't use that list as is to explain classing.
  8. I like how Jason's hands never come off the wheel - that is very good technique. I also like how he has the camera in the car so that you can see the entire course and and steering inputs - it is how I do it as well. If desired, add a second camera outside the car if you want to see how close to the cones you are. I did update Solostorm and while it seemed promising in testing, it failed me at the event I recently attended in terms of triggering my GoPro Black 3. I will say though that it stayed connected to the GPS now, whereas in the past it did not. Hoping to get this worked out so we can share data at the events.
  9. I use the Longacre toe plates and their caster/camber gauge for alignments. I also use a laser level like Dan posted to set the thrust angle of the rear wheel toe alignments. I previously used the laser level for camber measurements and the Longacre caster/camber gauge really isn't that much better.
  10. Lance, what GPS and camera are you using with Solostorm? I have tried two different GPS, including the recommended Q-Starz and have a lot of connection issues. Doesn't work with GoPro 3 Black either. That said, I didnt do the update that recently came out, but if I could get good data like you are getting I will do that.
  11. Thanks for putting that together Scott.
  12. When I'm not lazy I take my wheels/tires off after events and store them in the house. It gets really hot in the garage so I'd rather keep them in the AC. Many years ago I tried some tire softener gel and put them in garbage bags in the garage and it didnt really help.
  13. I probably missed it somewhere, but how does the wait list work? Is it just a feature in Motorsports that we haven't turned off or is there a chance I could run on Sunday?
  14. Great job getting the results up quickly Jason!
  15. Just got registered. I really like the afternoon option, used to do it back in the day when that was an option. For the waiver, I'll just bring my own pen. I think Motorsport has an option, just not sure if it is fully implemented.
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