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Test and Tune and Fall Series Event 3


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Motorsports Reg: msreg.com/az2020fall3
Speedwaiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/cvixo
Amp Waiver: Attached to this post, see below

So our next event is coming up pretty quick, this will be a bit different than our normal events in that it is a 2 day event.  You can register for one day or both, it's not required to do both.

The first day, November 14th, will be a test and tune event.  We're capping this at 60 entries total, 2 run groups of 30 cars.  You'll get a chance to drive in the morning and in the afternoon.  The cost will be $55, which includes lunch.  Lunch is a hot dog, chips, and a drink.  Expect lots of run! 

The second day, November 15th, will be the 3rd event of our fall series.  It will run the same as our last event, with a morning and an afternoon session.  If anything changes between now and then in regards to covid situation we will make updates, but plan on it being the same as what we've been doing lately.

For registration, there is only a single event in Motorsports reg for both days, and there will be options for each day.  Select the days you'd like to attend, and that's all there is to it!  If you need a weekend membership, you'll only have to pay for that once for the entire weekend.


AMP 11-14 Waiver.pdf AMP 11-15 Waiver.pdf

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I'm not sure why everyone is showing up twice in the entry list. There are only 38 people that are listed, and I am not doing the T&T, but I'm there twice.

Although those 38 people were definitely hanging out online ready to get those concert tickets...

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On 10/30/2020 at 8:36 PM, Nokones said:

I would like to change my registration entry for the Competition Group from Sportsman/PAX to Open for CAM-S. I was unable to find the "Edit Feature/ Option on my Dashboard. 

Ben - Are you going to run in the Open for CAM-S?


When you find the edit button, let me know too! 

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